18 gadgets and gizmos that help reduce food waste

18 gadgets and gizmos that help reduce food waste

While good old fashioned planning and awareness should be at the forefront of our waste busting ways, there’s also a slew of smart innovations and food preservation products, that are putting a stop to spoilage. From Wi-Fi enabled fridges, handheld food sniffers, to packaging that detects mould, check out our list of gadgets and gizmos (with a few kitchen classics thrown in for good measure) that are sure to transform your kitchen into a futuristic vision from the Jetsons.

New Wave Wonders

1. Fruit & Veg Disc Savers


Fruit and vegetables emit ethylene gas as they ripen, which accelerates spoilage, so these affordable little discs aim to absorb those rot inducing gases and extend their shelf life in the process.

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2. The Food Hugger


These stretchable silicone ‘huggers’ help you get a grip on your food waste. Simply pop one of these on your half eaten tomato or avocado for clasp-lasting freshness. They also have a range of airtight bowl ‘huggers’ too.

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3. Food Minder


Attach this small circular disc to your food and drink items and the blinking LED light alerts users whether the item is about to expire. Users must manually programme the expiry dates into the gadget in order to receive flashing spoiler alerts.

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4. Mantis Back Porch Compostumbler


This is the Tesla of compost bins. Slightly pricey for something that mother nature can do already (for free, albeit a lot slower), however the Mantis Back Porch Compostumbler significantly speeds up the process, making compost in as little as 14 days

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5. Nutribullet


This waste busting gadget is a favourite of our co-Founder, Tessa. All those sad looking vegetables and wrinkly fruits are given a new lease of life by becoming smoothies, pastes and other blended treats. In the words of Tessa, “Blitz it, don’t bin it!” Hear, hear!

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6. Herb Keeper


Herbs are one of the most wasted foodstuffs, so this sleek contraption keeps your herbs fresh and flavoursome for up to three weeks, rather than undergoing a prematurely wilted death.

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Kitchen Classics

7. Preserving Bags


These breathable drawstring sacks extend the lifespan of an assortment of fresh food. Vitamin-enhanced ‘banana bags’ prevent the over-ripening and blackening of (you guessed it) bananas, while the mushroom preserving bag does exactly what it says on the tin – I mean, bag.

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8. Fridge thermometer


Probably one of the most essential and affordable gadgets out there. Incorrect fridge temperatures are one of the biggest contributors to household food waste and a recent study by Sainsbury’s found that a whopping 87% of people’s fridges were not operating at an optimal temperature.

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9. Ice Cube Tray


Some of you may only use your trusty ice cube tray for summertime bevvies, but it’s actually a resourceful gift that keeps on giving. Freeze flavour bombs for future dishes, whether it is herbs with oil or leftover red wine.

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10. Spaghetti Measurer


This nifty little tool helps you perfect your pasta portion control, helping you save money, reduce waste and avoid overeating.

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11. OXO Compost Caddy


This is a recommendation from one of our OLIOers. What makes it a favourite is it’s stylish design and convenient size – it fits snugly on the kitchen surface, making it easier to fill, use and empty, without getting covered in slop!

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12. Bag clips


Whether it’s flour, cereals, cheese or sandwich bags, these versatile sealing clips will prolong the life of food and can be used in the cupboards, fridge or freezer.

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13. Lemon Saver


When life gives you lemons, store them in your Lemon Saver! This vibrant airtight storage pot will keep your zest and juice fresh, as well as preventing it from absorbing fridge odours.

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14. Eco-friendly shopping bags

Are you tired of your grocery bags splitting before you get home? Look no further than these plastic-free, zero waste Easy Packing Bags.

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On the horizon

15. PhreshFood Protector


Not on the market yet and currently still raising funds on Kickstarter, this cute little character claims to delay fresh produce’s decay by up to nearly a month, with an organic powder made from microencapsulated essential oils, including mustard, oregano and lemongrass.

More info here.


16. Smart Fridges


Samsung and Bosch have both developed Wi-Fi enabled smart fridges that take technological food preservation to the next level. The fridges come equipped with cameras inside, allowing the owner to see what food they’ve got at home while they’re out shopping. Shoppers can check their ‘fridge selfies’ on their app to prevent them from buying duplicate items.

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17. Food Sniffer


The Food Sniffer is a hand-held electronic nose or ‘e-nose’, that uses specials sensors to ‘smell’ and determine the quality and freshness of meat, poultry or fish. Food Sniffer then feeds the data back to an app on your smartphone, which will then let you know if the food is safe to eat or not. If this gadget reduces the amount we throw away as well as keeping food poisoning at bay, it’s not to be sniffed at.

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18. Bump Mark


Created by 23-year-old industrial design and technology graduate, Solveiga Pakstaite, this bioreactive smart label is able to let you know when your perishable food has gone off, without the use of questionable best-before/use-by dates. If the label is smooth, then the food is fresh. But if there is a bump, then it’s not so good. A trial with a supermarket is in the pipeline, so it could be on our shelves very soon.

More info here


What are your favourite food waste fighting gadgets or gizmos? Have we missed any off? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Ray Kriger

    Save money, use the best FREE preservation gadgets around ;- The air, water, eyes & nose.
    Air preserver:- Instead of covering the cut ends of food leave it open to dry air by itself then put in your storage place. Many plants have a special preservation property when you damage them – they dry out and form a seal. Just peel off (in the case of a banana) or cut off this seal when next use. This method works best when it is dry and warm so the seal happens quickly and moulds do not start. That said my bananas hang in the kitchen and always air seal fine.
    Water preserver:- Put your herbs, celery, rhubarb even bedraggled carrots in water and they recover. Remove root vegetables once re-plumped and dry then chill. Change water for the rest every few days.
    Eye & nose preserver:- Does it look fresh? Does it smell fresh? Our senses have had millions of years to develop and can often determine if something is fresh. You can even taste vegetables and fruit to find out if they are fresh . Remember never taste raw meat or fish. Although if it tastes off after cooking then it definitely is!

  • Claire

    Your Nutribullet link goes to the composter amazon page… 🙂