Hidden Hunger Campaign

23 ways you can stand up to hidden hunger

23 ways you can stand up to hidden hunger

There are over 8 million people in the UK and 40 million people in the USA who struggle to find enough to eat. Hunger is an issue that can make us feel a range of emotions; indignation, anger, sadness and even helplessness, as we ponder ways to directly tackle the problem.

Rather than feel powerless by the doom and gloom of it all, here’s 23 ways in which YOU can make a difference and alleviate hidden hunger, through compassion, collective pressure, community action and sharing.

1. Firstly, share food on OLIO. Too many of our users are secretly suffering hardship + hunger. Simply sharing your food can make a difference to those in need. If you know someone who is struggling and picking up food from you, get to know them, invite them in for a cup of tea and have a chat. Just being there makes a massive difference.

2. American folks – send this message to Congress, telling them to fight against any attempts to cut funding for SNAP (The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – or food-stamps to you and me).

3. Join the Fill My Basket squad. They are a random acts of kindness movement that spontaneously pay the grocery bills of complete strangers. Check out the video below to find out more.

4. Follow Church Action on Poverty + End Hunger UK to stay up to date on their transformative anti-poverty campaigns.

5. Share our hidden hunger video to raise awareness. Who knows, someone who you know on Facebook might be struggling with food insecurity and will appreciate the share.

6. Register your fruit tree. Organisations like Gleaning Abundance Project will pick surplus fruit from your tree and redistribute to those who need it.

7. Sign this petition to prevent vulnerable single parent families from falling into poverty and homelessness due to the recent benefit cap.

8. Share this to Facebook.

9. Donate to the Alexandra Rose Charity. The run a pioneering Rose Vouchers for Fruit & Veg Project which helps parents with young children on low incomes to buy fresh fruit and vegetables while developing the skills and confidence to give their families the healthiest start.

10. Volunteer at Fuel for School, an initiative launched by the Real Junk Food Project to tackle hunger amongst children, teach them about food waste + bridge the holiday hunger gap.

11. Fill in this form to organise training events around the UK, to build skills with local groups, so they are ready to lobby MPs and talk to the press about End Hunger UK’s campaign.

12. Volunteer at a Trussell Trust food bank. You can find your local one here. There are also plenty of non-Trussell Trust food banks – just have a quick Google of your area. If you can donate your time, donate your money.

13. Have a virtual boot-sale on OLIO + share items with a donation to FareShare. They are a charity that saves good food destined for waste and send it to charities and community groups who transform it into nutritious meals.

14. Support local campaigns like like Liverpool’s Share Your Lunch, that tackle holiday hunger, an issue that will affect around 1.5 million children this summer.

15. Join the cooking squad at FoodCycle. They save food and cook it up into nutritious meals for the community.

16. Get political. Benefit cuts, sanctions, stagnating wages, increasing food costs and bills and zero hour contracts mean that more and more people are being faced with impossible choices caused by political decisions. Be engaged, take a stand and write to your MP.

17. Become an OLIO Food Waste Hero. By doing so you’ll be able to save/redistribute food with your community that would have otherwise gone to waste.

18. Help out at a community pay as you feel cafe, like this one in Gateshead. You don’t even need to cook – just being there eating like a regular diner, speaking with guests will make a huge difference.

19. Read this book to gain more of an insight into scandalous issue of hidden hunger in the UK.

20. Bust stereotypes and dispel myths. For too long, people who depend on food aid have been vilified as scroungers and skivers, dining off on freebies. This is grossly inaccurate. Hunger affects people from all walks of life, many who are in work. Speak up when you hear someone spreading false information or mistaken beliefs.

21. Share this to Twitter (with image below)

22. Join the gleaning network. They coordinate volunteers, farmers and food redistribution charities to salvage thousands of tonnes of fresh fruit and vegetables that are wasted on farms every year across the UK and Europe.

23. Spread the word. Share this blog with friends and family so they can make a difference too.