36 easy ways to stand up and stop food waste

36 easy ways to stand up and stop food waste

It’s time to take action. Here’s a variety of things you can do to stand up to food waste.

1. Drink Toast Ale – a beer made from bread that would otherwise go to waste.

2. Share this viral video of John Oliver hilariously skewering America’s food waste problem.

3. Organise + order your fridge so it doesn’t become a mouldy horrorshow. Here’s some tips

4. Share + retweet these kooky and cute wonky fruits and veg.

5. Dive into a dumpster. Here’s a helpful world-wide guide to help you on your freegan pursuit.

6. Watch this inspiring video of Denmark’s food waste warrior Selina Juul.

7. Sign-up to a community wonky veg box scheme.

8. Learn the scandalous facts on food waste.

9. Watch Tristram Stuart’s powerful Ted Talk.

10. Follow this guy on Twitter.

11. Volunteer at your local FoodCycle – the community kitchen that solves social isolation through surplus food.

12. Bin the best before dates. Disregard the myths and use your senses instead.

13. Visit Chris King’s Food Is blog, a site that explores solutions to food waste through photography, podcasts and illuminating articles.

14. Plan your meals and learn about portion control on the Love Food Hate Waste website.

15. Join the Gleaning Network. They salvage crops from farms which have been left behind.

16. Save food and build a food sharing network in your community by becoming an OLIO Food Waste Hero.

17. Check out Share City – a global collaborative database of food sharing initiatives.

18. Eat at Silo, Douglas McMaster’s forward thinking zero waste restaurant.

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19. Freeze your food. There’s all sorts of unlikely edibles that can go in your freezer that not many people are aware of.

20. Organise a screening of the compelling documentary Just Eat It.

21. Teach your little ones about food waste with this charming tale of an ugly carrot.

22. Visit + volunteer at your local Real Junk Food Project, the pay-as-you-feel cafe that cooks with surplus food.

23. Read these books about how to rebuild + nurture our fragile food system.

24. Follow Rob Greenfield’s eco-adventures, from his bin-diving antics to his trash wearing experiment.

25. Boycott these wasteful events.

26. Sign this petition to halve EU food waste.

27. Support + buy independent food brands that use surplus food, like Rubies in the Rubble, Snact and the Spare Fruit Company.

28. Salvage those scraps and turn them into a wholesome stock.

29. Become an OLIO Ambassador and grown our food sharing revolution in your neighbourhood.

30. Partake in one of Feedback’s Feeding the 5000 events.

31. Embrace your doggy bag and take home your restaurant leftovers.

32. Make an ‘eat me first’ basket and put it in your fridge.

33. Regrow kitchen scraps – you’ll be surprise what can be regrown again and again.

34. Furnish your kitchen with these nifty waste-busting gadgets.

35. Store your food correctly so it lasts longer. Here’s some helpful tips.

36. Peruse Pinterest for some leftover-loving recipe ideas.

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