Food Allergy Advice: When we collect surplus food from a business, we also ask them for food allergen information that you can see below.

We take our responsibilities to supply safe food very seriously and although we take all reasonable steps to keep different foods separate we cannot guarantee any item is allergen free.

EatFirst – allergen info

Farmstandallergen info

Leonallergen info

Mace – allergen info: 1st June, 8th June, 15th June, 22nd June, 6th July, 13th July, 20th July

Mae Deli  – allergen info

Morrison – allergen info

Planet Organic – allergen info: hot food, hot food 2cold food, soup, muffins, bakery goods, bread products

Pretallergen info

Real Patisserieallergen info

Sourced Marketallergen info


For allergen info for unpackaged products, please refer to the Sainsbury‘s website:

Bakery allergens

White bread roll with cheese – Wheat, Milk
White bread roll (Ciabatta, rectangular) – Wheat
White bread roll (round) – Wheat, Gluten
Wholemeal bread roll topped with bran – Wheat
Seeded bread roll topped with sunflower seeds (rectangular) – Wheat
Quick frozen, part baked speciality bread roll (round) – Wheat
Quick frozen, part baked speciality bread roll (rectangular) -Wheat, Rye, Barley
White bread roll (rectangular with dark scorch lines)  – Wheat

Tante Marie  – allergen info, apricot dessert, spicy carrot soup, apple marmalade, macarons shells, mango chutney, lentil salad