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Our food system is broken and needs fixing. There are a billion hungry people on our planet, while one third of all food goes to waste. This doesn’t add up. At OLIO, we are building a global food sharing movement to address these issues, and we need your help.

By kindly donating to OLIO, you will help us save even more food across the World, feeding more bellies and less bins.

You can support OLIO quickly and easily by making a donation online. Please enter the amount you would like to give and click ‘donate now’.

Help us stop food waste.
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Big or small, your donation will make a huge difference in our fight to end global food waste and hunger.

Here’s what your donation will do

£1 – Sign up 2 new OLIOers
£10 – Send a marketing kit (flyers, posters etc) to 2 Ambassadors to spread the word
£25 – Train a Food Waste Hero to collect & redistribute unsold food from a local business