How can I add a item for donation and how does it work?

  • Simply tap ‘Donation’ when you add an item
  • Choose a beneficiary – Feedback or FareShare, our two amazing launch charities tackling food waste/food poverty, or OLIO (to help cover our small team and operational costs)
  • When someone requests your item tell the app they are picking it up and they’ll be sent donation details
  • If they choose to donate (donations are optional and ‘pay as you feel’ to ensure OLIO remains as inclusive as possible) they can do so quickly via the app thanks to our super secure payments provider, Stripe
  • You’ll receive a notification letting you know they have donated

What does requesting a donation for an item mean?
When adding food or other household items to OLIO users can request a ‘Pay As You Feel’ donation for their items, and select the charity of their choice as the beneficiary. If you choose to request that item, you will be asked to donate to the charity selected. All donations are optional.

What does ‘Pay As You Feel’ mean?
‘Pay As You Feel’ means you need to make a donation for an item based on what you can afford or what you think the listing is worth. All donations are optional by definition.

How can I add an item for donation?
In the ‘Add Item” screen in the app, you will see the option to select ‘donation’ (as opposed to ‘free’).

What is the minimum donation that can be made and why?
When you request a donation it is a ‘Pay As You Feel’ donation, which means the person requesting the item determines the amount they wish to donate. We have set a minimum donation amount at £0.50, as below this amount the processing fees take up too large a proportion of the donation. All donations are optional by definition.

Why is there a slider for OLIO to receive part of the donation?
In order to cover the expense of our small team and operating costs, some of every donation is given to OLIO (as selected by the user adding the items, with the minimum being 10%). We are eternally grateful for all donations and we will use the funds to continue tackling household food waste at scale and building food sharing networks all around the world.

Can I get a refund for a donation I have made?
If you have made an error in your donation, you can cancel your donation within 5 days of making it by going into ‘My OLIO’ and then ‘Donations’ and ‘Donation History’ and cancelling the donation in question. If you wish to cancel a donation after 5 days then please email and include the reason for requesting a refund. All refund decisions will be made at the discretion of OLIO.

What charities can I donate to?
We have two flagship charities you can donate to who are both tackling food waste at scale, Feedback and FareShare.

Can I add a charity?
Currently, you cannot add a charity. We hope to enable thousands of charities to fundraise via OLIO in time, and right now we’re working hard to make this happen. If you want to suggest a charity please email

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept all major debit and credit cards from all countries.

Why don’t you accept Paypal?
Because we have selected Stripe as our payments provider, and they don’t include Paypal. The processing costs for Paypal are higher than with Stripe

What processing fees are charged on donations?
All donations are handled by Stripe through their secure payments processing website and will attract a payment handling fee determined by them. You can learn more about their pricingAs of June 2017, their fees are 1.2% + 20p for donations above £3.95 and 5% + 5p for donations below £3.95.

Do you store my credit card information?
No payment card information is ever stored on our servers.  We use Stripe, one of the most secure and reputable payment processors available. All card numbers are encrypted on disk with AES-256 and decryption keys are stored on separate machines. For more information, you can visit Stripe‘s security policy right here.

What currencies can I pay in?
You can pay with a card using any currency but the payment will be taken in one of the following currencies: Euro, US dollar, sterling, Swedish Krone, Danish krona, and Norwegian krona.

What happens if I live in a country with a currency that isn’t included above?
We will select a default currency for you, and payment will be made to OLIO in that currency.

Do you offer Gift Aid?
Currently, Gift Aid is not yet integrated into the app, though you can find your total donations on the app in ‘My OLIO’ and ‘Donations’ then ‘History’ to use for your taxes. We are investigating how we can integrate Gift Aid into the donations process either directly or via partnership.