Drop Boxes

What is a Drop Box?
Drop Boxes are plastic containers at local shops and cafes. OLIOers who don’t want to arrange for a doorstep exchange can use Drop Boxes instead.

Is there a Drop Box near me?
Check on the map below or on the app.

How do Drop Boxes work?
If a user wants to give an item they’ve listed on the app to another user who has requested it, then they leave the item with that other user’s name written on it in the Drop Box for them to collect. What we don’t allow is for people to leave items of food in the Drop Box without a pre-arranged pickup, because otherwise there’s no guarantee that anyone will come and take it, and we don’t want to risk food being left in Drop Boxes to be abandoned!

What are the Drop Box guidelines?

  • If you leave an item in a Drop Box, please write the name of the person collecting on it
  • If you have requested something, make sure you pick it up
  • Only pre-packed foods (tinned, packets, etc) in their original, intact packaging are accepted as well as any small non-food items
  • No perishable food (fresh, chilled, frozen)
  • No food that has expired its “use by” date
  • No alcoholic drinks
  • Do not take anything without your name on them
  • Consider thanking the Drop Box host for supporting OLIO 🙂

What does a Drop Box look like?
Take a look below.

OLIO Drop Box

Can I place a Drop Box at my local shop?
Yes, it’s an amazing way to grow OLIO in your neighbourhood. Please email us for simple instructions.