What are your Guidelines?
Even revolutions need a few guidelines, here are ours:

Good enough for you.
Only add food that you would be willing to eat yourself, or non-food items that could be of value to someone else.

Don’t be shy.
It doesn’t matter if you only give, only take, or do a little bit of both. It takes two to tango after all.

Courtesy is king.
Respect other OLIOers by describing your items accurately, responding promptly to messages and showing up on time.

Best judgment.
Use it in all interactions with your fellow OLIOers.

Have fun.
Sharing, and especially food sharing, goes way, way back, yet it’s something of a lost practice. Whether adding or requesting, we encourage you to be bold and experiment!

All OLIO users are responsible for ensuring they are compliant with the safety and hygiene standards set out by their local relevant authority.

You can read here what sort of listings are and are not appropriate for OLIO.

Where can I find more information on safety and hygiene?

For example, users in the UK should refer to the Food Standards Agency. More information can be found here:

Food Standards Agency Publications on Safety & Hygiene
Food Standards Agency Kitchen Check Tool

Information on businesses’ hygiene can be found here:
Food Standards Agency Hygiene Ratings

Users in the USA should refer to the FDA

Users in Australia and New Zealand should refer to the Food Standards Agency

Users in other geographies should refer to their local relevant authority.

If selecting a Drop Box as the location for a food exchange please ensure you are familiar with the guidelines.

You can add alcohol to OLIO for free or for donation to a charity. It is your responsibility to ensure the person you are giving the alcohol to is of legal drinking age in your country. Alcohol cannot be left in OLIO Drop Boxes.

You cannot use OLIO to giveaway pets or live animals.