How do I change my profile?

To change your profile tap on “My OLIO” in the bottom righthand corner and then tap “Profile”.  If you need inspiration, the profile of our Co-Founder Tessa is a nice example.

Tessa's profile

What do the profile badges mean? 

olio-shield-badge Food Waste Hero
olio-star-badge Ambassador
olio-merchant-badge Shop or cafe

What does Newbie, Cub, and Champion stand for?

Newbie = Someone who is new to OLIO or who has only had a few shares
Cub = Someone who has had a couple of OLIO experiences, and is on their way to becoming a Champion
Champion = Someone who is a pro at OLIOing and has shared lots

Can I choose when to receive notifications?
We currently send notifications immediately to let people know about new items added to OLIO. You can customise the distance and frequency of these alerts (including switching off) by going to My OLIO –> Notifications in the app.

Why am I not receiving notifications?

In order to receive notifications you need a ‘token’ on your phone. To check that you have a token please go to ‘My OLIO’ and then ‘Account’. If you do not see a long string of letters and numbers beside the word ‘Token’ then please tap ‘Test my notifications’. If you still don’t receive notifications, please contact us on

Why are my notifications delayed?

In order to ensure that food is shared as widely as possible, we may apply a small delay to your notifications if you have picked up more than a certain number of listings in a given time-frame. We will have sent you a message about this in your Messages inbox on the app providing more details.