User ratings

Why do you have user ratings?
Sharing with our neighbours is a lovely thing, but sometimes it is helpful to know if another user has successfully shared in the past and was courteous and timely.

Can I rate any user?
No, you can only rate users you have messaged with.

How can I rate a user?

1. Go to your messages inbox
2. Tap on the profile picture of anyone you have recently messaged with
3. Assign a star rating (5 is high, 1 is low)

Hint: Your rating should take into account the other user’s quality of communication, timeliness for pickup and whether the item was as advertised.

Are ratings anonymous?

How is my rating calculated?
Your rating is an average of your last 20 reviews.

I have rated a user, but it’s not showing up. Why is that?
We only show a rating once two people have rated someone to provide anonymity.