Add a listing to OLIO, we’ll donate a meal to a vulnerable person

Add a listing to OLIO, we’ll donate a meal to a vulnerable person

Sharing is caring this Christmas, in more ways than one. Every time you add a listing* on OLIO until December 15th, not only will your neighbours directly benefit, but we will also donate to FareShare, who will provide a nutritious meal to a vulnerable person.

FareShare are the UK’s largest charity fighting hunger and food waste. They redistribute perfectly good food destined for disposal to instead help nourish the most vulnerable in society.

At present the charity feeds 500,000 people every week and last year redistributed 13,352 tonnes of food (28.6 million meals) to 7,000 frontline charities nationwide saving them an estimated £30m.

Through working with suppliers and supermarkets the food rescued by FareShare goes to homeless and domestic violence shelters, breakfast and lunch clubs for young and the elderly, mental health clinics, drink and drug rehabilitation centres and countless other community groups.

Double your impact this Christmas.

*Does not include Wanted or Food Waste Hero business listings / Only applicable to UK, Sweden, USA and Jersey

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  • Paul Bates

    I think this is wrong!

    You have a budget which allows you to feed a number of vulnerable people but you are only willing to use it if people use your service. If you can help the vulnerable then help them without conditions. You should give whatever you can and we will do the same. No strings attached!