INFO FOR PRET LISTINGS – do not request this


So I’m bringing this seasonal hit back because apparently people have lost the ability of comprehensive reading and I’m not explaining this for a hundredth time.
These are general rules and information that require your comprehension and cooperation before you collect from me.
– I am a volunteer for olio. A volunteer is a “person who works for an organization without being paid” which means I am doing this in my free time, for free.
– While you slept I went to Pret and collected the food. While you slept I got 10 bags of food to my house and sorted through it, eventually putting it on the app. So please do not message me at 5am with “hey can I come by now”, “can I get an answer”, “answer me you [insert insult]”. If I’m not replying early in the morning, it’s because I am human and I need sleep too.
– Have a photo of yourself as your profile picture, otherwise you won’t be able to collect from me for security reasons. I will not give out my address to people who won’t even show their face.
– Please bring your own bags. If I gave everyone a plastic bag, I would go bankrupt very soon. Plus, me giving out food in plastic bags kind of goes against the idea of olio.
– Be on time. I will not accept latecomers. You need to respect the fact I have a life, I am a person and my time is valuable. I cannot spend it on people who don’t respect me and show up late. I have a job and while my boss is kind enough to allow me to come in late because of olio, I will not risk the position I worked so hard for for a strange who doesn’t even want to appreciate what I’m doing (cause let’s be honest, if you don’t show up on time, it is just plain lack of respect).
Remember that I am doing you a favour – I didn’t have to do this. Did I sign up for it? Yes I did. But I didn’t know I could encounter people so ungrateful and so disrespectful as I did. Hence the rules.

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Birmingham, United Kingdom