Five packs of two pieces of Lo-dough: 39 calories per piece, sugar/gluten/dairy/fat free, Keto, low carb, high fibre, high protein


Hi there! I have five double packs (so ten pieces in total) of Lo-dough.

Lo-dough is a very low carb product which is high in protein and fibre.

The Lo-dough website is great for giving tons of different ideas as to how to use it for cooking/bakery. It can be eaten raw as a low carb tortilla wrap, or baked as a pizza base (the latter being how I have mainly used them as they’re delicious as pizzas!).

They usually retail at £5 for one pack of two wraps, but I’m selling them for £10 for all five packs of two wraps. Best before date is end of Oct 2018 but are fine to go past this in my experience.

Packs best stored in a cool dark place such as a kitchen cupboard.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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Brighton, United Kingdom