Pret food – collection 9.45-10.15


3x curried chickpeas and mango
2x super club
6x egg mayo
1x chicken avocado
1x mini chicken avocado
8x kids cheese
5x kids ham
4x smoked salmon
6x crayfish and avocado
4x mini crayfish avocado
1x tuna and cucumber
4x tuna melt toasties
1x ham and cheese toasties

2x avocado & herb wraps
1x chicken wrap

3x chicken caesar and bacon
1x mini chicken caesar
1x Italian prosciutto
2x jambo beurre
3x tuna mayo
1x mini tuna mayo
3x salt beef and pickles
4c Italian mozzarella and Pesto
1x cheddar and pickle

4x chef’s italian
1x buffalo mozzarella and pesto

1x egg protein pot
1x salmon & egg pot

2x five Berry bowl
4x croissants
8x cinnamon whirls
4x chocolate chunk cookie
3x fruit, oat and spelt cookies
2x chocolate and praline cookies
2x chocolate and hazelnut croissants
1x Victoria sponge
1x bakewell slice

Donation Description

Bristol, United Kingdom
Pick up arranged