Sunday 7:00pm collection Pret A Manger from Deansgate


Collection available Sunday @7pm. Surplus food from Pret in the form of sandwiches and salads.
If you’re interested in collecting, drop me a message in the app to arrange pick up at 7pm. Collection is in Levenshulme just off the A6. Please only message if you intend to collect and remember to bring a bag. If you find you are subsequently unable to attend, message ahead so I’m not waiting around for you to no show. There is usually enough for around 10-12 people.

Please be aware that I am a volunteer. I give up my time from from 4:30 to 7:30 collecting the food and then distributing it. If you don’t turn up, it will be a waste of my time and the time of other people coming to collect. Turn up on the dot at 7pm or you will be disappointed. If you are late, the food will most likely be gone.
Please be polite when you come to my house. I open my door to you so you can help fight food waste. I don’t appreciate rudeness of any kind.

If you message me asking for information that is above, I will ask you to check the listing. In addition, please don’t make it awkward by asking me to save you items. If you want some food, you come get it yourself.

For health and safety reasons, food should be consumed by 2pm the following day. If you choose to keep it longer, you do so at your own risk.

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Manchester, United Kingdom
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