****Pret a Manger Food Wednesday 8pm****


++++PLEASE READ THE LISTING CAREFULLY ASKING QUESTIONS ALREADY ANSWERED IN THIS LISTING WILL RESULT IN NO ANSWER!+++++ Pret sandwiches, baguettes, wraps and salads will be available for COLLECTION between 8pm and 8.15pm in Old Trafford**** If you want food please a) CONFIRM YOU’RE COMING, b) BE ON TIME TO COLLECT, and c) BRING YOUR OWN BAG. **** First come first served. Food cannot be reserved or delivered **** Food will be allergen labelled in compliance with the Food Safety Act (1990) **** Here is the Pret allergen guide: http://olioex.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/07/JUNE-ALLERGEN-GUIDE-2018.pdf **** Food MUST be refrigerated and consumed by 2pm the following day **** Should you choose to keep it longer you do so AT YOUR OWN RISK. If you arrange to collect and thereafter cannot make it, please message immediately to cancel so your share can be re-allocated. No-shows are absolutely not appreciated as food may potentially be wasted! For the sake of having enough for all, only the first 7-10 people sending a polite request can be considered. Thank you and together lets help save food waste!

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Manchester, United Kingdom