Pret sandwiches. SF Wednesday 20:30


Yummy pret food. Collected at 7pm, available from 8,30pm in Levenshulme.
Usually enough for 8-12 people. Avoid disappointment, request now.

Please note that we are volunteers and do this because we don’t like to see food wasted. We are not a food delivery service. We don’t get paid for what we do (other than by seeing the smiles caused by an egg-mayo butty). We don’t work for pret. We’re not a take away restaurant and don’t take advance orders.
There is nothing to collect until weds evening when Pret close the doors for business. We don’t know what’s available until we go to collect. Messages requesting to collect from us before we’ve even collected from Pret may result in a sarcastic response. Messages requesting a different time-slot other than listed need to be accompanied by a sizable bribe.

First come, first fed. Arrive late, leave hungry. (Please be prompt so as not to inconvenience other collectors)
Don’t forget to bring a carrier bag.
If you arrange to collect and cannot make the arranged time, please message to cancel so your share can be re-distributed and doesn’t get wasted
Shin-pads and knuckle-dusters can also be advantageous. Pret’s recommended use by date is 2pm the following day.
No arguing or fighting (unless it’s for our entertainment)

Donation Description

Manchester, United Kingdom
Pick up arranged