Pret A Manger Saturday 7pm @m1


PLEASE READ BEFORE REQUESTING ********** ASKING QUESTIONS ANSWERED IN TEXT BELOW WILL RESULT IN NO ANSWER !! ************************************************** Hi Mancunians! Yummy Surplus food from Pret will be available Saturday @City Centre. If you want food please a) CONFIRM YOUR COMING, b) BE ON TIME TO COLLECT, and c) BRING YOUR OWN BAG. Avoid disappointment, book now! ************************************************** Only message if you intend to collect // Message if you cannot come anymore so your share can be redistributed to others // Non notified no-shows are not appreciated // No delivery // No food distributed before planned time // No arguing or fighting, unless for our own entertainment ************************************************** Expecting salads/sandwiches/baguettes/vegan/vegetarian/fish/meat based products. Food to be eaten before 2pm the following day. For the sake of having enough for all, only the first 10 people sending me a polite request can be considered. Because I live in secure building on 7th floor, collection is available only by the main entrance point at 7pm.
Come late, leave hungry!

Thanks for understanding 🙂

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Manchester, United Kingdom
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