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Below is a list of everything added to OLIO last week. To see what food and other household items you’ve missed, please download our free app on the App Store or Google Play.


Roast turkey gravy mix
Beetroot, lentil and goat cheese
Quinoa with strawberries and pistachios
Mixed fruit
Sausage rolls
Selection of pastries
Artisan bread
Lentil salad
Quinoa salad
Pasta salad
Yummy pasteris!!!!
Surplus artisan delicious yummy cakes
2x Red Velvet Muffins. H
3x Lemon and Poppy seed muffins. H
8x Chocolate and Berry Muffins. H
2x Apple and Cinemon Muffins. H
3x Slices Chocolate Cake. H
Surplus hot cross buns
3x Slices of Carrot Cake. H
Yummalicious! Bakery surplus Artisan breads
Free sandwiches!
Bread donated by artisan bakery Signorelli
Bread donated by artisan bakery Signorelli
Red Berries infusion tea (caffeine free)
Rice with spinach
Mini focaccias donated by artisan bakery Signorelli
Соус остро-сладкий
Sauce packet
Sourdough bread
Chelsea buns x 2
Mozzarella/bacon sandwich x 2
Bacon baps x 2
Chocolate coins
Mozzarella cheese (10/03/17)
Cookie x 1
Seeded bread x 2
Croissants (7) pain au chocolate (3)
Fresh bay leaves
Pollen and grace probiotic salad
Seeded various seeds including fennel Arizona loaf
Pollen and grace cacao and chilli beetroot bircher
Vegetarian cheddar cheese salad sandwich
Perkier Gluten Free Fruit Berry Porridge
Falafel tabbouleh and hummus
Pollen and grace probiotic salad box
Two falafels fresh today
Jacobs creek Shiraz 2012 / Plaza Prosecco / Shloer!
Meyer lemon
Various items
Selection of fresh bread rolls.
French’s classic yellow mustard
Whiskas kitten
Cinnamon bark
Assorted tea
Halv brie-ost
Traditional pork sausages
Honey roast pork sausages
Chocolate, coffee and caramel liqueurs
Apricot and almond slices x2
3 limes
Aubergines 2 pack
Bread yeast – quick and regular
White grapefruit
Coop selection fruit tea
Large Potatoes
Bachelors chicken and mushroom flavour pasta in say.
2 Curry pot noodles
Pickled onions
Liqueur chocolates.
Batches of Gourmet Food
M & S Passion Fruit Profiteroles
Doritos mild salsa dip
Jar of mincemeat
Fat free vinaigrette
Baked beans
Cinnamon Buns
Fresh Sandwiches
Hearty Soup / Stew
Sweet treats
Ham & Cheese Croissant
Mushy Peas
White Baguettine, BBE 11th March, M
400g White Loaf, BBE 11th March, M
White Baton loaf, BBE 11th Mar, M
Assorted white rolls, BBE 11th March, M
Jerk chicken salad (2 left)
Racy rice
Real patisserie BREAD!
Assorted white rolls, BBE 11th March, M
Tuna salad
Quinoa roasted roots salad
Tuna salad
400g Giraffe Bloomer, BBE 11th March, M
Grilled chicken pieces
Spinach and feta cheese filo pastry
Almond dairy free yoghurt
Pollen and Grace tiny cherry and almond porridge pot
Pollen and grace chicken salad
Pollen and grain detox box salad
Lentil salad.
Fava bean salad
Bulgur wheat salad 2 left
Selection of pastries and sweets
Salami cheese ciabatta (1 left)
Sun-dried tomatoes pesto sandwiches
Salami cheese baguette
Mozzarella tomato basil sandwiches
Chicken and chorizo ciabatta
Spiced bean khobez (2 left)
Falafel wrap
Artisan sourdough loaf
Artisan dark rye bread
Bushel of bananas
Dumpsterdiving treasures: sushi, wrap and sandwich
Farmstand surplus food
Roasted veg packet x 2
Small seeded loaf
Soft gem style lettuce
Fruit salad
Fresh Fruit
Blåbärspaj. Vi köpte för många till en middag.
4pack Brioche Rolls
Various Puddings/ Yoghurts
2pack Ciabatte Rolls
Original new picalilli
West Country cheddar Ploughman
Mozzarella and tomato salad
Ham and Brie Cranberry Baguette
Beef Italian and tomato
Unopened Barbecue Sauce
Houmous and Falafel wraps
Unopened American Mustard
Tuna and Cucumber Baguette
Chicken wraps and chicken Baguettes
Focaccia from Artisan bakery Signorelli
Sunflower Oil 5ltrs
Wonderful Focaccia from artisan bakery Signorelli
Artisan Sourdough, croissants, hot cross buns, cakes
3 full cartons of Alpro choc flavour soya milk
Butternut chickpeas
Jerk chicken soup
Packs of tomatoes
Coriander and cheese soup
Italian style pasta x2
Potato salad: 1 left
Herb leaf salad
Beetroot leaf salad
Devon Rose Free Range Sausages and Muddy Boots Burgers
Runner beans
Coco Pops porridge
M&S semi dried cherry tomatoes in olive oil
Biona organic Harissa Chilli Relish
Carluccio’s salsa di pomodoro e peperoncino
selection of pastries kindly donated by Granier
Crumble yogurt, fruit, granola parfait
Very small ‘oriental’ cucumber salad
Grated mature cheddar
Chorizo Potatoes Ready Meal
Frozen Chopped Garlic x5
Frozen Chopped Red Chillis x3
300g Huge Jumbo Shrimp x3
Boneless Chilli & Lime Beef Ribs x2
Six crusty rolls, tesco
90g whole almonds, still in date
Korean Sweet+Sticky Meaty pork Ribs
Indian Spiced Cauliflower Ready Meals x8
Big Frozen Pork Shoulder ready marinated x2
Carrot Fries
Hot &a spicy Corn Cobs
Churrasco Sausage Skewers
Grilled Broccoli Frozen x4
Zesty Bean Quinoa Frozen x2
Egg Fried Rice Frozen x2
Mississipi Smoked Pulled Pork
Chorizo Potatoes Frozen Ready Meals x2
Frozen Cheesey Potatoes x14
Memphis Tennessee Meaty Pork Ribs
Texan Down’N’Dirty Beef Brisket
Smoked Peking Duck wings
Cous cous frozen
Bakery surplus
3 jacket potatoes
Snack bags x6
Nectarines x2
Grapes x2
Pastries and fruit
Various snacks and sandwiches
Lovely baguettes
Lovely baguettes
Delicious filled half baguette
Mexican roast veg and cheese roll x2
Roast veg and hummus roll
Chicken and mint yoghurt salad box
Fresh spinach tomato mackerel wraps x3
Lots of white buns
Artisan bread and pudding
Chocolate cream biscuits loveliness
Jammy biscuit dessert
5 fesh vegetarian sandwiches
New sealed butter & canola oil
10 Couscous sallad
2 fisk och skaldjursgryta med kryddris
4 kyckling tomat Salsa wrap
10 boiled egg
Lemon curd meringue pie
Locely lettuce tomato cucumber baguette on whole bread
Cheese cucumber baguette on white bread
Cheese and chive baguette on whole bread
Heavy tuna with mayo
Heavy Tuna with mayo
Magnificent Pork Hoisin and stuffing
Magnificent Pork Hoisin and stuffing
Magnificent Pork Hoisin and stuffing
Lovely cheese pots x4
Lovely Cheese pots x4
9x eggs in pots!
Sensational fruit salad x2
Fresh cucumber slices x3
Colourful Cadur Rice x2
Colourful Cadur Rice x2
Colourful Cadur Rice x2
Colourful Cadur Rice x2
Fresh pesto pasta with spinach x2
Fresh pesto pasta with spinach x2
Fresh pesto pasta with spinach x2
Mixed bag of bread rolls.
3 large baguettes.
4 small baguettes.
2 x taste the difference baguettes.
Giraffe bloomer.
Mini doughnuts
6 x hot cross buns.
Glazed doughnuts
4 pack of cobs.
Free pasta!
5 packs of Jordans Strawberry Country Crisp
Selection of loose leaf tea and tea bags
2 rolls and 1 bagel eat ASAP BR
Hot cross buns eat ASAP BR
Hot cross buns eat ASAP BR
Giraffe baguette /french stick eat ASAP BR
White French stick east ASAP BR
Stone baked white baguette LG east ASAP BR
490g stone baked ciabatta eat ASAP BR
White baton eat ASAP BR
Giraffe baton eat ASAP BR
White baton eat ASAP BR
Giraffe baton eat ASAP BR
400g round loaf eat ASAP BR
4 white Vienna rolls eat ASAP BR
800g giraffe bloomer eat ASAP BR
800g white bloomer eat ASAP BR
Hot cross buns (6) eat ASAP BR
Warburton small loaf eat ASAP BR
Small Warburton white loaf eat ASAP BR
Halloween pasta
4 Cup A soup sachets
Tin of Anchovies
Sweet chilli, ketchup and mayo
500ml bottles of Montain Dew
3x 275ml bottles of Berry WKD
3 x 274ml bottles of Passion Fruit WKD
Filter coffee
1L coconut water – out of date
2 small cakes
Bran treacle muffins
Smörgås gurka
Santa Maria green curry paste
Santa Maria Red curry paste
Santa Maria Chipotle paste
Artisan dark bread
English muffins
Artisan bread
Free turkey due date today.
Julmust for free 6 bottles due date april
Rice cakes
John west salmon
Half a loaf of fresh white bread
Hipp goodnight milk plus 6 months
Yorkshire pudding and pancake mix
Frosted Shreddies – full box unopened
Chicken Pad Thai
Chicken Curry
Duck Cassrole & Gravy
Pumpkin Soup & Mushy Peas
Tomato Mozerella Baguette
Salami Baguette
Artisan Pastries
Matcha Doughnut
Tomato Pesto Foccacia
Loaf of bread!
Selection of pastries (2 almond and 2 plain croissants)
Chicken chorizo ciabatta
Hoxton beach sweet potatoes falafel
1 box of sweet potato from FARMSTAND
Pollen and grace vegan immunity salad box
Pollen and grace alkaline balance salad box
Protein salad tiny pot
Vegan performance small salad pot.
Fresh Sandwichs
Spiced bean khobez
Egg mayo and watercress sandwiches
Sun-dried tomatoes pesto bread
Cinnamon Buns
Ham and cheese Croissant (2left)
1 pasta box from FARMSTAND
Salami cheese ciabatta
Lots of celery
Salami cheese baguette
Artisan dark rye bread
Bread glorious bread…
Generous donation from FARMSTAND: 3 boxes of an arrangement including spinach, pasta, pumpkin, mushroom, pumpkin seeds
Selection of pastries
Assorted bread loaves
Artisan bread
Scones and eccles cake
Hot cross buns
Can of refried beans
Can of refried beans
Old El Paso Nacho Kit
Chocolate Peanut Cookies + Bag of Cheese Savouries
Hooooot cross buns
Yummy pasteris!!!!
Delicious artisan bakery surplus
Lovely Cinnamon Buns
Assorted gourmet scones
Store cupboard food
Herb Collection
Selection of sweets treats
Fresh focaccia donated by Italian artisan bakery Signorelli
Fresh focaccia donated by Italian artisan bakery Signorelli
Fresh focaccia donated by Italian artisan bakery Signorelli
Fresh focaccia donated by Italian artisan bakery Signorelli
3 delicious pita breds with spinach and feta from Woodstoke cafe
Almond Pain au Chocolat
Assorted muffins & Pain aux raisins
Sourdough Bread
Sourdough Bread
Sweet pastries
Melba toast
Packs of Polish soup
A bag of sweet bakery treats
Almond Croissant & Cheese Sticks
Waitrose Cream of Tomato soup
Can butter beans
Store cupboard bits
Various booze
Tin green lentils
Huge amount of salt and pepper shakers!
Mixed job lot of fresh vegatables & herbs
Dried chick peas
Favorina (Lidl brand) Christmas biscuits
11 Organic Onions
Pine nuts
Butterscotch angel delight
Pasta with celery mustard eggs 5x485g
Recipe box flour mix – unopened
1.5 kg plain flour (Sainsbury’s) – unopened
Napolina Spaghetti
Pappa John Garlic Sauce
1kg mung dal yellow
20 corguettes (Split between 4 people)
23 lemons (will be split between 5)
5 limes
6 mushrooms
Orange/satsuma mix
Stem of ginger
2 tomatoes
2 pPeppers
Pack of radish 200g
4 onions
3 apples
Pack of sprouts 500g
Okra 175g
5 potatoes
Bunch of carrots 400g
Punnet of nectarines
Pack of mint x 4 (2 each)
White split tin 800g x 2 (1 each)
2 tea boxes – 1 grön te med lemon macaroon smak och 1 svart te med bärsmak
Wholemeal 400g
Multi seed loaf 400g x 2 (1 each)
Corriander pkant
Basil plant
Mint plant
Saxa cooking salt 1.5kg
Hipp Organic goodnight milk
Chicken & bacon sandwich filling
Spiced chicken & mango salad
Texas chicken & fiery cheese salad
3 meals + side salads + snacks
Mediterranean Salad
Soya. Milk
Choc chip muffin
Black current muffin
Half a large four cheese pizza from la Vera pizza
Tesco Chilli powder.
Fine Cornmeal Polenta
4 poppadoms
Sourced Market foods, bread and pastries.
Sourced Market foods.
Loaf of RÃ¥g bread
Loaf of RÃ¥g bread with walnuts
1 fresh baguettes
4 Cardamom buns
Mushroom pasta
Broccoli and tumeric cabbage
Sweet potato and tumeric cabbage
Chicken lunch pot
Fish lunch pot
Fresh focaccia donated by Italian artisan bakery Signorelli
Fresh focaccia donated by Italian artisan bakery Signorelli
Fresh ciabatta from Italian artisan bakery Signorelli
Sweet treats
Artisan bread
Polenta corn flour
Twinings Sleep Tea Bags
Pukka Turmeric Gold Tea Bags
Baking stuff
All opened
Cheese and chorizo croissants
Pepperoni pizza x 3
Volunteer opportunity – Palo Alto
Pizza 🍕
Volunteer opportunity – SF
1 portion Alpen original muesli
Volunteer opportunity
Chocolate Nemesis Cake
5 plain donuts (Berliner)
German Cheesecake
Salad bowl
German Style Rye Bread
Apricot and almond tart
Pasta put use by 14/3/2017
Pumpkin seed loaf
Mandarin Cake
Carrot cake
Carrot batons
Carrot and hazelnut cake
Chilli chocolate sauce
Raspberry & Almond Tart
German style bread farmers loaf
3x Seeded Tin Loaf
Celery x2
5x White Sourdough Bread
Veg bag
Plums x2
Scotch pancakes x3
Fresh ginger X3
Mint green tea & English breakfast tea
Freeze dried coffee
7 packs mac n cheese
Spiced Lamb Roasted Veggie Salad
Garlic & Herb Philadelphia
Delicious sourdough bread and buns from Dusty Knyckles bakery
Fresh mint
12 eggs
2 sweet potatoes
15 white potaoes
Fresh white baguette
Tunnknäcke med havssalt och frön
Blå Bands Räksoppa
Korean BBQ chicken
MASSIVE white sourdough
Selection of pastries n bread rolls
Artisan Ham salad baguettes
Tasty fresh chicken aoli sourdough sandwiches
Fresh Natas
ikea organic lingonberry jam
Plain croissant and scone
Choclate chip muffins
Lemon and poppy muffins
Chocolate cake
3 cheese and tomato sandwiches
Giraffe baguette
Giraffe baguette
Seeded pittas
Seeded pittas
Spotty bean cookies
Spotty bean cookies
Belgian white choc & raspberry cookies
10 mini chocolate iced donuts
Sugar ring doughnuts
Sugar ring doughnuts
Sugar ring doughnuts
Glazed ring doughnuts
Raspberry jam doughnuts
Small giaffe baton
Small giaffe baton
Small giaffe baton
White sandwich loaf
Mix of rolls and pastries
2 savory pastries and a bagel
Giraffe bloomer
Giraffe bloomer
Stonebaked white baguette
Pain de campagne
Multiseed loaf
Wholemeal loaf
9 x boxes of Dorset Cereal
Half full massive thing of protein powder.
Various beverages
Haywards Hot &a Spicy Onions
Drink Me Chai – Spiced Chai Latte
Magnificent Tomato & Herb Pasta mug shot
3 boxes from
Gold Collagen
Dessert pots
Hoisin rice with veggies
Potato salad *must bring own container
Free Milk several liters i also got lactose free
16 ham and cheese sandwiches
Energy pouches to add to water.
Italian almond biscuits
Large white baguetttes x3
Stone bake baguette large x2
Large tiger baguette x2
Multiseed loaf
Scottish morning rolls x4
Larhe white farmhouse
6 jumbo hot dog rolls
Tesco Value yoghurts apricot
Easy cook rice
Lavazza decaffeinated (500g) whole bean coffee
Orange flavoured pound cake
4 pots Onken porridge
Frozen mixed fruit
MASSIVE collection Sourced Market 7/3/17
Lots of bread. Baguettes ciabatta and more
Spelt Tagliatelle Organic
Gourmet Bircher Muesli
Savoury Goodies
Sweet Treats
Salmon Pie
Salmon with Herb Oil and Pea Shoots
Delicious Porridge
Buckwheat and cucumber salad
GLUTEN FREE Chocolate cookies
Cabbage, sweetcorn and bean salad
Broccoli and cabbage
Creme pasta
Brown sauce
Ginger curd
Gerkins, pickled onions and branston pickle
Selection of different pastries
Selection of Artisan Loaves
Dried limes
Bran muffins
Sweet treats and Snacks
Assortment of pastries
Assortment of croissants
Cinnamon buns
Tuesday sandwiches
Drop scones with fruit
Sweet scones with pecans
Pain is raisin
Chocolate chip brioche (?)
Sharwood Black Bean Sauce
Almond pastries
Baguettes and ciabatta
Hot cross buns
Artisan bread
Delicious sourdough bread fron Dusty Knuckles bakery
Korv/sausage, Cabanossy
Chicken and cheese panini x 3
Sweet pastries
Sweet pastries
Butternut squash curry
Sweet pastries
Fresh yeast (has been frozen)
Chicken cuppa soup
Tinned cherries
One bag of the popcorn is left and in date
Smoked salt crystal grinder
Can of red bull
Bear Alpha bites cereal – just over half a box, bbf 07/17
Rice Pops – half box bbf 03/17
Tinned green lentils in water
Quorn frozen mince
Cous cous
Random box of foods
2 x Extra Mature Cheddar
Fresh rosemary
Malaysian rice
Pesto couscous
Sweet chili pasta
Tuna pot (2)
Rebel Kitchen Coconut Mylk – Coffee Flavour
Matcha powder
Fish sauce
Vanilla Desserts – Blancmange x 6 (use as custard?)
mild pimento peppers whole
4 large scones
Malt bread
2 apple and cinnamon muffins
4 mixed muffins and 1 croissant
4 mixed muffins
4 mixed muffins
4 berry muffins
Stone baked white baguette
Mixed pastries
Mixed pastries
4 white iced ring doughnuts
4 white iced ring doughnuts
4 chocolate iced ring doughnuts
4 brown oven bottom muffins
1 bagel 1 cob
Giraffe bloomer
Pain de campagne
Multiseed loaf
White loaf
White bloomer
Pineapple tidbits
Nestlé nattvälling
Stage 1 and 2 baby meals. Date is up to June.
Lavazza decaffeinated whole bean coffee
Free first order for uber eat £10
Organic Pukka Tumeric Gold tea
Cape gooseberries/physalis
M&S tortillas
Salsa Dip
Ground coffee
Ground coffee
Chai powder
Lavazza decaffeinated while coffee beans
Lamb and chorizo pie
Loaves of bread
Pollen and grace cacao beetroot and chilli
Healthy, nutritional and ethically sourced, gluten and dairy free savoury and sweet treats kindly donated by Farmstand.
X2 Parma ham and mozzerella and basil ciabatta
Small round rye loaf
Vegetable bake
Vegetable pie
Golden breadcrumbs
Slice of caramel cake
X 2 Salami and mozzerella and basil ciabatta
Creamy vegetable bake
Plain flour
Tomato soup
X 2 Parma ham and cheese sandwich
Falafel and baba ghanouj meal
Apple Basil seed drink
Long grain rice
Organic wheatgrass powder
Gail’s biscuits, cakes and muffins
Almond croissants
Gail’s cinnamon swirls, cakes, muffins and scones
Yummy pastries and delicious sandwiches!!!
Almond croissants
Sweet treats and sourdough Bread
Cakes, biscuits, muffins and sweet buns
Gail’s already sliced artisan bread.
Gails fresh artisan breads
Mulled apple juice
Half bottle of Mr Hugh’s Vanilla infused baking oil
Ginger and lemongrass cordial
Fresh Leftovers
Lemon and lime squash
Glaze for gammon
Half a dozen eggs
Egg white powder
Chicken pie
Chicken GYOZA Miso
Vegetable GYOZA
Diet lemonade
Hoi sin duck GYOZA
Creme fraiche
2 baguettes
No bake strawberry cheesecake
Loaf of RÃ¥g bread with walnuts
1 fresh baguettes
Salami half baguette
Mix pastry
Ham cheese sandwich
4 fresh made mini sandwiches with turkey
Ham and cheese croissant
8 mini vegetarian sandwiches
Tagliatelle with wild garlic
Selection of bread rolls fresh today
Almond crossiants
Almond crossiants
Selection of sweet baked goods from a local Soho bakery
Cheese straws
White Spelt Bread flour
Lungo coffe pods 1 taken out
Coffee capsules
Pantry clear out!
Request please not an offer.
Almond covered with Sugar candy (without jar)
Various Baby food / snacks
Vitamins (unopened)
Candy floss!
Toffee Sauce with Devonshire Cream
Salat with meat
Homemade scones
3 organic ciabatta rolls, 1 gluten free organic bread
Seeded potatoes
White bread rolls
Jordan’s natural muesli 1kg, less 2 small bowls
8 Choc Chip Brioche
Dr Stuart’s throat relief tea
Box of Oatlicious Scottish Porridge.
Sandwich with cheese and tomatoes
Wanted food please – for a feed the homeless event
Jalebi mix bottle
Hoisin Sauce
Gluten free bread
3 Santa Maria Tortilla Corn&wheat + Green Pesto from M&S
NEW seasoned seaweed 8 layer + whole pack of beef biltong
Cappuccino flavour sweets
Coffee sweets
Green tea pyramid bags
Tesco orange squash
Lovely Sourced market food
Sweet Treats
Selection of sandwiches
Festive vegetarian Wellington
Oat granola
Quality St packet
Coconut flour
Wild berry tea – Clipper
San Pellegrino
San Pellegrino – Grapefruit
Porridge sachets
Plenty of bread
Freshly baked bread from our lovely friend Elliot
Hibiscus flowers dry
Baobab and moringa powder
Vegetable oil
Mini tomato Focaccia x 3 from Signorelli
Tomato Focaccia from Signorelli
Malt vinegar
Jamming jerk with rice and spicy veg with rice meal
4 unopened jars of baby food
X2 falafel fresh today
Sandwich with cheese
Turkish Vanilla Drink
Savouries from this evening’s patisserie pick-up.
Sage-lemon Tea
Bread from tonight’s bakery pick-up – fresh!
Organic Lunch boxes
Milk kefir grains
2 tuna salad sandwiches
Two falafel wraps
Cheese and tomato toasties
X2 pies fresh today from sourced market
Tinned Lentils
Heinz Lentil Soup
M&S Cocoa Dusted Liquid Salted Caramels 120g
Organic Free Range Eggs
Sourdough Baguettes
Hot peri peri rub
5 sausage rolls from the blackbird bakery
Condensed milk, artichoke, glace cherries
Toffee…Guinness Flavoured
2 bags of crisps
2 cheese sandwiches
3 Brie and salami sandwiches
4 ham and cheese sandwiches
4 buns
Food colouring
Peppermint extract
Veggie Pie
Hoi sin duck GYOZA
Strawberry flavouring
Vegetable GYOZA
Chicken GYOZA Miso
Heart sugar decorations
Italian meatballs soup
Veg box extras mushrooms onions and potatoes all locally grown and organic pick up this evening or tomorrow Ramsgate High Street
Ready to roll icing
Bag of rice 5kg , open probably about 4kg left
a few mushrooms left over from what i needed to use.
Agave syrup
Non dairy foods
3 Sultana Scones
Kelloggs Rice Crispies
Angostura bitters
Doritos dips
Stew Pack
Savoy cabbage
Cherry Tomatoes
Thick sliced white bread
Heinz cream of chicken soup
Heinz beef ravioli
Heinz baked beans with pork sausages
Dried fish
Heinz macaroni cheese
Easy bake yeast
Heinz vegetable soup
Braeburn Apples
Huge ‘porridge’ sourdough loaf
One batch of gourmet produce
Mixed Grapes
Rock salt
Orange juice
Mixed Peppers
Jamaican curry sauce
Ciabatta baguette
Spring onions
Baby Potatoes
Braeburn Apples
Mixers – coke, lemonade, lime juice cordial
Ready to roll icing
Frozen banana
Te lipton
Baking chocolates and icing sugar
Multi-cereal for baby
Bebivita. My child doesn’t eat anymore
chicken gravy granules unopened.


Home Safety Cooker Guard
Child’s mobile phone
Fisher price Cot mobile
Travel baby packs
Cricket balls
Farm animals
Food packet clip
Baby toy
Christmas lights
School top
2 Plastic wine glasses
Kids books
Kids toys
Super dry lounge pants
Wooden mirrors
New laces
Candle holder
Baby bits
baby cutlery
Mothercare slippers
Baby security
Diono shade maker
Tesco bleach
Double Bed Frame
Dog food
Dog food
Dog food
Dog food
2 Seater sofa with matching recliner armchair
Small carry on suitcase
Hanging shoe storage 10holes
Small double airbed with built in air pump (comes in box)
Ball pens (14 per pack, 3 packs)
Durex condoms
Pair of logitech computer speakers in working order
Small plastic basket
VO5 Gel Spray. Meg Hold.
4/5 large boxes of mixed clothes hangers (collection asap)
Green Tiger Foot Stall 1 year old
Hair conditioner
Bag of electronics
Box of Baby Bottles
Monsoon Size 12 Floaty Wrap Dress Blue
Ghost London XL Halterneck Silky Sea Green Dress
Monsoon Size 12 Silky Wrap Black & White Paisley Dress
Fenn Wright Manson 12 Silky New black & blue dress (roomy)
Various Jars
2 Polar Gear Ice Boards (for picnics, new)
9 White Cloth Napkins (John Lewis, Hanitat, etc)
9 John Lewis white floral print napkins (decent shape but 1-2 have light staining)
John Lewis Ribbed Table Runner 7′ (Folded in half in photo)
One Moment, One Morning
Children’s Wellington Boots size 13
Morhercare Child Seat
Ikea chair needs bolts tightening with an Allen key
Garden bench
Three drawer desk
Turmeric powder
Women’s toiletries
Men’s toiletries
Glass ramekins x10
WANTED – fold up chairs
Set of 4 mugs.
Cat treats
Auditing for Dummies
Astronomy books
Growing great boys – Ian Grant
Road maps
Wall plaque wedding sign
Ice cream maker
Mac Lilla Eye Shadow
Adidas Gazelle for men, slightly used
Foldable white laundry basket
Some leftover booze
Poofe seat
Dell PC monitor 17inch
PC Keyboard
CD case
Directors chair repair kit
Small cat scratching pad
Sony Mini Discs
Running case for phone
Lamp base
HP 301 xl tri-colour cartridge
Glass Containers
10ltr bag of cat litter
Six padded mahogany dining chairs
Tomato Seeds
Cot mattress
Head massager
various items outsidr 49 gore rd
Emollient cream for dry skin
Kenwood stick blender
2 Small flat candles holders
Compost bin
Filter water jug
Water bottle with filter
Matching mugs, only used once
Insulated wine and beer vessels
Quilt mag with template issue 33
Computer mouse
Toshiba television
Mushroom bag
Good food and Good housekeeping mags
Fitness skipping rope
Fitness stuff
Monitor and keyboard
Child’s busy box
Space heater
Christmas tree stand
Hobby horse
Child’s guitar
Paddington Bear
I have lots of milk cartons are they if any use to anyone ?
An old nicholtoys plywood toy box
Perfume flower by kenzo
Neutrogena cream
E45 lotion
Glass Ramekins
Small Glass Containers
Glass bottles with cork stoppers
Stars & Crackers
NEW Drink Bottle
Joie Murz red pushchair
Plastic Bottles
Scented Sachet
Denim Refresh Spray
Cooking Hob Cleaner
Medium sized Dishes/Ramekins
Moses basket with stand
Quality solid side table
All new Asahi apron
Picture frame
Dog dress
Yarn ends and buttons
Toddler bed
Wanted – Himalayan salt lamp
Screen Protectors for Apple Touch
Large bag of adult hangers
The Hot Zone book by Richard Preston
Wanted – suspended toiletry vanity
Bissell powerhouse Bagless vacuum cleaner
Toy racing car
Large fan
Small chest of drawers IKEA
Painted cream solid wood table
L’Oréal temporary washout colour (blue) – unopened, and blonde root concealer – only tiny bit used
Half empty Moroccan Oil extra volume shampoo
MacBook charging lead extension
Cleansing cream wash, dry/sensitive skin
Victoria’s Secret body lotion
Bubble Wrap and Packing Peanuts
Plastic clips
Baby rocker chair
Assorted jars
Red and gold sparkly nail polish
Pink nail polish
Loads of folders and plastic wallets
Party cups, bowls and spoons
Loads of napkins including Christmas napkins/ serviettes
Free ironing board for anyone who wants it
Light reflectors for a project free for collection won’t be there long
Womens size 3/4 boots
Nivea make up remover
Loads of coat hangers
Pink face cloth
Vetinerary plastic cone shaped Buster collar for small dogs or fat cats
Silicone pan handle covers
Wax melt
Luggage label
Wedding card
Birthday card
Boots paracetamol liquid for 6+
Halogen light bulbs
RAndom Toy Bits
Size 12 ladies top
Denim shorts
Next top
Navy ribbed top
Lilac vest
Navy skirt
Ceiling fan light
Navy blazer
Glass and silver tv unit
Double mattress
Vegetable & Fruit boxes
Children’s table and two chairs
Roller blind
2 x grey throw cushions
Wrapping paper
Indian plates
ipad air cover
Fabric Pin Board
Wanted To keep or borrow
Black ring binder
A4 punch pockets
Jiffy bags
Permanent hair dye – natural ash blonde
Cutlery Set
WANTED working mobile phones for non profit mental health project
Tulip bulbs
Cerruti perfume
Shower gel and Body lotion
Contour make-up stuff from primark.
A4 Ring binder dividers
Hair brush
Black bin
Bin bucket
Beer glasses and mug
Pop up laundry basket
Giro Bike Shoes Size EU 45 U.K. 10
Pull ups
London pottery 2-cup Farmhouse filter Tea Pot
Double bed base + mattress
IKEA containers
2017-03-07 12:25:20 UTC
2017-03-07 12:25:20 UTC
2017-03-07 12:25:20 UTC
Ikea lamp and lampshade
Clothes rail ikea
Big plastic bin
Assortment of camping gear
Spice racks
Pair of garden lamps
Jars and containers
Wooden vase
Pig with moustache mask
Rotring drawing inks
Zara coat
Stretch marks cream / oil
13 kinder surprise egg toys
Dreams Wood Double Bed Frame
Cotton reel
Butterfly sculpture
Real ivory tusk
Picture frame
Atlas of World History
Jo Jo Maman Bebe maternity coat size 12
Purring, ‘breathing’ toy cat
Wooden head sculpture
Wooden dancing girl sculpture
Case for Samsung galaxy SIII
Dormeasan sleep
Up lighter
Cryolan cine wax
Folding bike
Oil container
Salad spinner
WANTED – cotbed and high chair
Hair dryer
Maternity pants
Recycled Robots Toy
Warm suede boots
Breast pads
Boys leather white shoes
Dell pc keyboard
Breville sandwich toaster
Grow baby elephant mobile
Dream genie Maternity pillow
Table card holders x 7
Solid oak floating shelf- never used
Singer Iron
Cooks measure
Triton Electric Shower (White)
Oasis Disposable Steriliser Bags (7 day supply)
5x Simple face wipes and 2x Bronnley Citrus and Neroli soaps
Sushi mat
Magnetic knife block
King size headboard
6 Onesies age 6-9 months
Glass bottle
Fully working Brother printer -2135W wireless
St Bernard Navy Boys 2-3T Padded Vest
Miss Selfridge Limited Edition Size 12 Long Black Wrap Dress, soft stretchy cotton
Air stability wobble seat cushion
Angel wings with real feathers
Pair of beige/brown striped Roman blinds.
Mimco size 41 ballerina shoes
DIY and garden books
iPhone 6 case
Sebamed Clearface Care Gel
Tigi Bed head – Headrush
Round rug
Standing picture
Step machine
Frog spawn
Paper plates
Skylanders Battle cast card.
Sawing machine REQUEST
Sharpening stone
2 laundry airers
Wanted – laptop or pc
WANTED. Garden items fence panels and planters
The Cube game
Minecraft book
Minecraft book
Minecraft book
Minecraft Book
Lego game Heroica
Lego game Kokoriko
Essential oils
Original source shower gel
Hunter navy Wellingtons size U.K. 2
Plastic plates and glasses
Hair products
Ikea catalogue 2017
Blackberry Bold phone
Samsung mobile phone
Vidal Sassoon hair curler
Pantene shampoo conditioner
Remington silk hair curler
2 Nose mugs
Kitchen laden, grater and tea strainer