See what you’ve missed

Below is a list of everything added to OLIO last week. To see what food and other household items you’ve missed, please download our free app on the App Store or Google Play.


250g organic durum wheat pasta
2x 1kg bags of sugar
Irn Bru and Fizzy Vimto
Orchard fruit muesli with cinnamon by Sainsbury’s
Tropical Island Dry Fruit and Nut mix
St Augustine’s art cafe
Oats 3 x 1.5 kgs
BBQ chicken and basmati rice
Salad box
Artisan bread
Falafel and other assorted wraps
2 Sambucas – 1 LEFT
6 pork sausages barbequed today
2 small jacket potatoes
Tropical Fruit and Nut mix
Opened Blackberry and Elderflower Pims
Artichoke in lemon and rosemary infused oil
Strawberry Jelly bb 12/2016
Orchard fruit muesli opened
Thyme (2 sets available)
Opened Muesli
Oranges x 4(2 sets available)
Cherry toms
3x Chicken & Veg cup soup
courgettes x2 (1per request)
Opened Red Wine – pinotage
Bicarbonate of Soda
Table salt
Pitted black olives
6x frozen fish fingers
Frozen prawns bb Sept 2017
Various herbal and fruit teabags
Green pesto
Reduced fat smooth peanut butter
Zest Vegan Basil Pesto
Feel free to take any
Food left from an event today.
Who wants to buy me lunch?
Lots of food, some out of date but fine
Creme fraiche
Vimto fizzy zero
Vimto fizzy zero
Fanta zero
Brunch leftovers. To be eaten immediately.
Hills Hairball Control Mature Cats 7+
Italian organic pasta flour
Instant custard – 2 packs
Dried yeast for baking
Cornichons & onions
Baguettes (bake at home)
Dal Tadka
Sugar cane drink 310ml
Pickled herring in mustard
Ground almonds
Light mayo
Basmati rice
Meatballs in tomato sauce
French butter cookies
Merchant Gourmet Polenta
Fresh chard and Fresh veg bundle
Chocolate Cake scraps Angel Food Bakery
Chongqing chicken pot seasoning
Mango Juice
Cuppa Chups Lolly pop
Whittard Caramel Flavour Hot Chocolate 350 g
Strongbow Cider Dark Fruit
Family size pack of marshmallows
Lincolnshire sausage mix – 10 sachets
Hipp pouches
Hipp pouches
Hipp pouches
4 Hipp pouches
Loaves of bread
Organic black grapes (with pips)
Gluten free fusilli pasta 500g, egg free, dairy free, Tesco brand
Gluten free bread x6 READ DESCRIPTION
Voucher for £10 off uber eats
Refrigerated Soup
Refrigerated soup
Lots of goodies
Lava cakes
Fresh rosemary
Mr Edward hannaby
Tea + filters
Organic whole meal bread best before 22/9/16!
Soft boiled eggs and bread rolls
Fried pork and crispy mushroom bits
1/2 pussi Ruisnappeja
Box full of fresh garden tamatos
Reflex Nutrition ‘R Bar’ – White Chocolate and Apricot
Vanilla doughnuts
Round white loaf
Salad dressings
White bloomer
Warburton toastie loaf
Milk chocolate cookies
White pittas
Pittas wholemeal pack of 6
Kingsmill soft white rolls
Large ciabatta
Multi seed bread
Vanilla custard doughnuts X 2
Chocolate custard doughnuts X2
Brown bread
6 burger buns
Refrigerated ruby breakfast juice x 10
4 white Vienna rolls
6 burger rolls
4 white Vienna rolls
Mixed bag of cobs
Mixed pastries
Mixed bag of pastries
Mixed bag of cakes
Mixed pastries
Yorkshire tea hard water area 20 bags
M&S sugar free clear mint drops
Hand made samosas!
3 fresh croissants
Cooking apples
£10 off on ubereats
£20 free on your next online shopping at Ocado
sandwiches and salads expired yesterday
Soup beans n coco pops
Assorted bread
Falafel wraps
Self raising flour
fallen apples
Double cream
Tesco Adzuki Beans – 500g
2 Tiger Rolls
9x free range eggs
Foodilic Foods Thursday Eve Pick-up
7 sachets ready brek
Free homemade blackberry jam.
Random in date tin food.
Cooking apples lots! Come pick your own !
Fizzy vitamin b drink tablets
1/2 pussia ruisnappeja
Various baby food – unopened (best before next year)
Green pepper
Half a swede
Rocket – full bag from Waitrose
Recruiting Food Waste Heroes
Cloves of garlic
Tamale Pie
Pukka Elderberry & Echinacea tea
Tomato Rice
Spaghetti bol sauce
Wanted – Dried fruit
St John’s donuts!
Kefir milk grains
Sourdough starter
Fried pork from today’s KERB market
Fresh white bread rolls from today’s KERB market
Clearsprings Sauvignon Blanc
Softly boiled eggs from today’s KERB
Crispy fried mushroom crumbs from today’s KERB
2x feta & peach salad
Unopened Smoked salmon
Solero Exotic Dairy Fruit Icecream on a stick
10 chocolate cupcakes
Fresh parsley- lots!
DR Oetker’s Baking Powder
Bicarbonate of Soda
1kg of Pearl Barley
1 green pepper
Nando’s Mango and Lime Sauce
Caesar Dressing
Garam Masala
Bio Rinderbrühe abzugeben
Falafel Mix
Flavoured Green Tea Bags
Earl Grey Loose Leaf Tea
Clipper White Tea
Red lentils
Arborio/Risotto Rice
Cocoa powder
Easy bake yeast
Red pesto
Tiger bread large baguette Asda
Salted caramel cupcakes
Mixed salad boxes from foodillic
Tuna chunks in spring water
Frozen salmon fillets
Sweet lime chutney
Hellmann’s Mayonnaise
ASDA Chicken Noodle Soup
Fenugreek seed capsules
Bacon and mushroom carbonara
Iceberg lettuce
Mixed chillies
Potato cakes
Vanilla custard doughnuts
Sugared ring doughnuts
4 X 2 pack brioche buns
7 white sliced loaves
Unopened Frozen veg, unexpired
4 bags mini choc ring doughnuts
Mini sugared doughnuts
Kurpitsa kasvoi omenapussa! Pumpkin grew in apple tree!
Belgian milk cookies
3 packs choc ring doughnuts
Pack of iced ring doughnuts
Red onions
Pact Decaffeinated Planalto Coffee
Style Diabetic Strawberry jam
Maxwell house coffee 95g
Timjan & vitpeppar
Cake Decoration
Cake Decoration
7x 1 litre cartons of Rubicon Mango Light
Massa olika torrvaror
Arborio risotto rice
Any thing worthy
Free native fruit and nut trees for South Derbyshire residents and community groups
En öl ges bort! Endast två tagna klunkar! Bubblor kvar!
FREE artisan bread for sandwich
Free artisan sandwiches with egg and caviar.
2x Krustenbrot (Crusty Bread)
3x Pumpkin Seed Loaf
White Sourdough Bread
German Style Farmer’s Loaf
6x Carrot Cake
11x Lemon Poppyseed Cake
3x Mandarin Cake
Sourdough bread and pastries free
Supreme matcha green
Various handmade sandwiches left over from sandwich shop today
Meat with sweet pamkin
Bangladesh curry fish with green beans , onions,chills,spice .
J2O Spritz – Apple & Watermelon
breaded chicken steaks x 8
Chicken stew
Food Waste Hero: The Harvest
A few hot green ‘jalapeño’ chillis
Handmade sandwich baguettes and wraps
Kerb catch
Kerb catch
Kerb catch
Kerb catch
Kerb catch
Kerb catch
Kerb collection
Loose leaf teas – Oolong, Jasmine, Japanese twig tea
1 fish fillet
A L’Olivier – Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml
Fresh loaves of beautiful bread
Lunch buffet leftovers, to be eaten asap.
Carrot cake
Pack of 6 white Pitta breads
4 mixed crossants/ buns X2. ONE PER FAMILY
Decaffeinated Colombian fair trade ground coffee.
6 danish.
2 small mixed sliced loaves
6 mixed bag of rolls
6 large mixed sliced loaves
Small white baton X2
Unsliced white sandwich loaf
Giraffe baguette. X2 one per family
Home-grown courgettes…
Giraffe bloomer
Wholemeal loaf
4 chocolate iced ring doughnuts
5 chocolate custard doughnuts.
5 raspberry jam doughnuts X2. ONE PER FAMILY
5 vanilla dougnuts
4 Glazed ring dougnuts
Sugar ring doughnuts
Vanilla doughnuts
Iceburg lettuce
Mixed chillies
1 pack iced ring doughnuts
Potato cakes.
3 packs choc ring doughnuts
Belgian milk cookies
1 bag mini sugared doughnuts
Medium wholemeal loaf
4 bags mini chocolate iced doughnuts
2 Broche burger buns. X4 one per family
Thick sliced white loaf. X7. ONE PER family
Assorted cheese!
Sandwiches, sliced bread and salad
Piri Piri Savoury Rice
Egg Fried Rice
Couscous – Sundried Tomato & Garlic
Baxters Pea & Ham Soup
Bag of Sugar
Black Olives
The Big BBQ
3x Frozen Innocent Smoothies
Chick Peas
Dried Skimmed Milk
Tinned New Potatoes
Pea & Ham Soup
1kg glutenous chinese rice
2 Knorr vegetable stock pots
Xylitol sugar alternative
Vitabiotics energy drink
Hello fresh unused couscous x2 bulgar wheat x2 Panko breadcrumbs and orzo
WANTED – Sloe berries
Locally sourced rainbow trout
Fresh curly leaf parsley organic
Flat leaf parsley
Vegetarian Lentil Kofta
Hotel Chocolate Salted Caramel Puddles 80 g
Weetabix Weetos Chocolatey Hoops
Two donuts
1.5kg bag potatoes
Vegan eggs: algae powder
Toffee pecan shots
Müller Corner Yogurt Vanilla Chocolate Balls
M&S Spirit of Summer Yogurt
Kingsmill 50/50 Medium Bread
Health/Energy drinks
Asian noodles
Sainsburys dog food
Two 1.75l bottles of Coke and a 2l bottle of lemonade.
Lidl Cheese and Onion Delia Fillers
Lidl Scotch Eggs
3/4 jar full recently purchases organic tomato sauce
Lemon and herb rub, ground smoked paprika and stelline pasta
Aloe Vera Leaf
Tesco ‘Save £4 When You Spend £30 or More’ Voucher
Morning goods
Boots Organic Baby Rice
3 paninis expired hours ago.
Pukka lively English breakfast tea with ginseng and licorice
3x Sacla’ Basil Pesto
One bread stick and three English muffins
Vegan rice croquette
Vegan calzone x 2
Mujaddarah beet & tabbouleh box
Vegan strawberry porridge pots x 2
Three classic Lebanese meze box x 2
Falafel, baba ghanouj and oriental salad box
Surplus BBQ meat: lamb kebab and piri-piri chicken
Foodilic Foods from Monday.
Hi life adult cat food
Nescafé Dolce Gusto Espresso Intenso x 2
Green grapes
Organic Lemongrass Tea by Meru Herbs
Asparagus Tips
Tahini paste
Turkish mollases
Sultana cookies 200grams
One giraffe baguette broken in two halfs
Chocolate brownie quest bars
Two red peppers
5 chocolate custard doughnuts
10 mini sugared donunts
5 vanilla custard doughnuts
Blueberry mini muffins x12 in a box
4 white vienna rolls.
2x packs of icing sugar
Mutiseed loaf
Maize Meal
Tin of Morrison’s red kidney beans
Wholemeal loaf
stonebaked baguette
One small bagutte
Giraffe bloomer
700g glutinous Thai rice
2x 375ml sealed ginger beer
2 cans of grapefruit San Pellegrino
M&S Belgium cognac cocoa dusted truffles
Japanese green tea
1 mixed bag of muffin/pretzals/ doughnut
Garlic and coriander nan bread
One bag of mixed small rolls.
Hovis seed loaf
One giraffe baguette broken in two halfs.
3 bags Albert Bartlett pots
Blueberry muffins
One giraffe bloomer.
Oatmeal and raisin cookies
Belgian choc cookies
One small baguette
2 large bags carrots
Baking pots X 3
Refrigerated bacon
Refrigerated katsu curry
Belgian cookies
One taste the diffence stonebaked baguette
Refrigerated milk
2 packs strawberries
1 wholemeal loaf.
Refrigerated 3 x 1.1361 litres milk
Blueberry mini muffins x12 in a box.
Flat leaf parsley
Multiseed loaf
4 white vienna rolls. X3 (one pack per request)
5 sugared ring doughnuts
5 vanilla custard doughnuts
5 chocolate custard doughnuts
4 white iced ring doughnuts
10 mini sugared donunts
One lemon
Two red peppers
Bread, pastries, fruit and veg
Bread, juice, fruit and veg
Mixed lentils with barley grain
Various drinks
Organic peanut butter
Sea Salt
Earl Grey Loose Tea Leaves
Tamarind paste
Lemon grass stalk
Zested Lime
Tin of sardines in sunflower oil from Tesco
Vegan egg replacer
Vegetarian meat floss
The Real Patissarie breads
Home grown aubergine and cucumber
Eggs from back yard chickens
Sourced market haul 18/09
Chopped apples
One cookie
One cookie
Strawberry Jelly
Sainsburys teabags
Tesco everyday value teabags
Half toasted bagels
Brunch leftovers. To be eaten immediately.
Endast tagit några mått ur paketet innan jag köpte kaffebryggare! Gratis eller byte mot något annat.
Cake decoration sugar pens
Free lamb curry lunch meal for anyone hungry
Teapig samples peppemint and lemon and ginger
Ground black pepper
Ground white pepper
Chillies crushed spice jar
Sage spice jar
Oregano spice jar
Mixed herbs Spice jar
Majoram spice jar
Handbag cake all edible
Soft Salted liquorice
Selection of teas
Lactose free milk sachets
Uncle Ben’s ready Rice
Tomato Soup
One box of freshly picked Nashi (Japanese Apple Pears)
French breads
5 bottles of Demi-sec cava
Falafel wraps
567g tin of new potatoes in water
Tomato basil foccacia
Two Red Onions
Homemade vegetarian chilli
Frozen peas
Frozen garden peas
Garden peas unopened and frozen
Frank’s express catering
7 x apples (5 or 6 per bag)
Meridian pure blackstrap molasses
Lunch buffet leftovers, to be eaten asap.
7 x bagged apples (5 or 6 in each bag)
3 x 400g bloomer loaf
2 x 800g white bloomer
Mushrooms x2 478g approx
Red kidney beans in chilli sauce
Eating apples
Coffee pods dolcegusto
1/2 a chocolate cake
Hello Fresh meal for two
Hello Fresh meal for two
Bag of small frozen Kebabs


A desk chair
Wall light fitting
Boots Baby sterilising tablets (2 used)
Size 9 coral peach wedges brand new
2 White floral wrought iron coffee & side tables, muted glass tops, great for lanai entertaining. Flat screen display magnifier for macular degenerative visual impairment.
Jordan’s granola £1off
Dorothy Perkins flats size 3
Jill Mansell novel
GCSE revision guides
AQA GCSE physics book
Maths study
Biology study books
Cat litter
Calvin Klein Summer Perfume (new without box)
Duronic Vacuum cleaner
Mark hill shampoo and conditoner
Navy gilet
Coat Stand
Baby Walker
Electric heater from Argos
Fake PRADA bag
Lancõme eye illuminator 5ml
Round cosmetic pads 100% cotton
Make up set
3 mini body scrubs
Size 5 nappies
Winona natural skin care moisturising spray
Vitro Regia Body Lotion 250 ml
Along came Betty Dry hands lotion
Yunnan Baiyao Toothpaste
No Drought Lush Dry Shampoo 115g
TV unit
Small white storage units x4
Man Brush – washing up brush
A beautiful pink orchid
Baby bath including thermometer
13 size 0 nappies my Asda’s Little Angels.
iLuv IMM289
Logitech FlexpressPlus
Langham K40 Bath Step
Shower seat
Recipe leaflet
Free three seater sofa. Removable cushion covers will need a wash
Sample of Ren flash hydro boost
A couple of new lanyards
Brand new tea towel
Dior brush cleanser 150 ml
Gillette foamy shaving cream 50 ml
Tesco Nail Polish Remover
Vaseline Lip Therapy 20 g
Toni & Guy Glamour Hairspray 100ml
Dove Go Fresh 48hr Anti perspiration spray 75ml
Glamglow Thirstycleanse 30g
Toni & Guy Men Styling Clay
Large screen tv
Kiehl’s Oil Eliminator Spray Toner 180ml
60ml garnier nutrisse nourishing color creme
Clinique for men Oil Exfoliating Tonic lotion
Shield Sure men active Dry 48hr anti-perspirant
September 2016 INSTYLE Mag
Brand new unopened
Boden baby dunger-suit 0-3 months
Black high heels
Red high heels
4 wine glasses
Bit of trouser fluff
Brand new white leather brogues
Navy blue dress from Phase 8
Running gear ladies size 10
Loads of free plants.
LAW books
Self development coaching corse RRP £50
Dominoes and Mikado game
Random pot lids
Babymoov Bebedelice 5 in 1 Baby Food Processor
Working training bench – York B501
IKEA lack table
Microwave from Argos
6 espresso cups
Oceane – toner and cleanser
WANTED 3in1 printer
Yellow Bikini!!
Baby clothes 0-6 months girl
Plant pot
Free yellow rose
Free Rose
Cute baby girls clothes approx 9-12 months 3 items blouse cardies and dress
King size bed
Brand new four panel wooden door for sale
Macaron tea tray
Real leather ankle boots size 6
The case for Christ
Hardly worn cotton traders blue shoes
Metal bottle
3 opened bottles of rose wine.
Free condom
Test mouse
6 stuffed minions
Shelf hanging thing. Wooden and wall mountable
Double radiator 600 x 600
Modern gloss black vertical radiator
Lash & brow brush by Ecotools
Nail Polish – 2 mini bottles
Glitter make up pot
Bobbi Brown black gel eyeliner
Lancome black glitter eyeshadow
New disposable shave razors 9 units
Hair heat protection serum
Contact lens solution – Sterile Saline
roll on deodorant
Dog tooth smart coat Matalan size 10
Deep red Italian leather long boots
HP printer, scanner & copier
Faux leather jacket
Brand new sealed Alba phone
Posh Wellies
ClarinsMen Paris After Shave Soother
Estēe Lauder Makeup Brush Cleanser
20 fair trade bananas expired 18th but look good
Cath Kidston bag
Brand new cot mattress
Men’s Moisturiser from Wilko
Fridge freezer
Grumme kulörtvätt pion
Floor standing lamp
Gold shiny Zara brogues
Single mattress cover
Huge bag of X-Files videos – I think it’s pretty much all of them
Pyrex Jug
Radox Feel uplifted pink grapefruit & basil shower gel
John Grisham- The Innocent Man
Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard
Slazenger Digital Watch
Brabantia bin (12L)
Rare set of 6 vintage tumbler glasses “Libbey la femme”
Rare set of 3 Coca Cola large glasses
Under bed storage box on wheels
IKEA office chair
IKEA table
Cloth nappies for newborns and beyond
Two Brown Vintage Corduroy Armchairs.
Ikea Sofa/Cushions.
New pack back never used
Two storage boxes
Bath room basket
Nail Polish
Unopened, still sealed hand cream
Tinted body lotion and sparkly leg gel
Lynx For Her spray
Miss Dior perfumed body moisturizer
Applicator tampons
Vax cylinder vacuum cleaner
Caravan step
Metal floor lamp
2kw oil filled Radiator
Blue ray dvd brand new
Yankee candle small 2015 pour
Walt Disney I’m Celebrating Button Badge Pin
Sewing machine
Elephant Remember To Recycle keyring Natural Scotland
Cleaning products. I longer needed.
Bath and showergel
Natural beeswax: furniture polish
TRESemmé Ultrafine Hairspray
Bristow Volume and Body Mousse
Dove Go Fresh 48hr Anti perspiration spray
Body shop shampoo & conditioner
Spider plants & other plants
Tiny plantpots
Terracotta strawberry planter
7 plastic troughs
Parasol base & blue parasol.
Dog essencials
Art puzzle
New born baby essentials
Anthropology salt and pepper pots
British cook book
Jamie Oliver recipe magazine 2012/2013
Yoga mat
Ladybird dressing up costume.
Lush shower gel “The olive branch”
Plastic plantpots
Camping log for burning.
Photographic print of paris
Canvas print
Lonsdale grey shoes
Jāsön shampoo
Leather sofa
Women’s trench coat size M
IKEA filing cabinets
Lots of free items Bovill Road / Ackroyd Road Junction
Black foot stool
Large white flower cushion
Yamaha R1 bike jacket, size medium
Red coat. Never worn. Still with tags, size 12