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Are you a shop or cafe owner, or do you want to get your local shop or cafe involved with OLIO?

Are you a shop or cafe owner?

We are supported by over 100 shops and cafes who work with OLIO to reduce their food waste while attracting new customers.  We work with shops in a variety of ways including,

  1. Join our Food Waste Hero (FWH) programme – Our FWH programme involves OLIO matching volunteers with your shop or cafe. They will collect any unsold surplus food at the end of the day and add to OLIO to share within their local community. This is our most popular option for shops and cafes. Watch the video.
  2. Add surplus food directly – You can download the app and create an account in under a minute. Any food you have that you’re unable to sell or donate to charity, but is still delicious and can be eaten, can easily be uploaded to OLIO. Local residents will be notified when you share your unsold food, and they can message you to confirm collection. Not only will this help your business avoid food waste, but it is an excellent way to raise awareness and reinforce your reputation as a sustainable business.
  3. Host a Drop Box – Drop Boxes are plastic OLIO boxes placed in your shop. They enables neighbours to exchange with each other without having to arrange for a doorstep collection.

It was heartbreaking putting good food in the bin. With OLIO we are saving time and money.

- Alba from SOURCED Market

When we’re not giving our surplus baked goods to charity, we love having the FWHs pick up our loaves and cakes!

- Axelle from Real Patisserie

We absolutely love it! Not only did we get rid of items that were about to go off but we also had new people come to the store.

- Amabel from Haelan Centre

Want to recommend a shop/cafe in your neighbourhood?

Would you like to help turn your local shop or cafe into zero food waste? Or do you think they would be a perfect spot for an OLIO Drop Box, which enable neighbours to exchange with each other without having to arrange for a doorstep collection?

Please send us the details of the shop or cafe you have in mind and we can contact them to see how we can best get them involved with OLIO. Lots of shops are very happy when they find out about OLIO so put your thinking cap on and drop us a line.