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Attract new customers to your shop or cafe with OLIO


We are proud that so many shops and cafes across the UK are using OLIO to share their unsold food on a daily basis.

Benefits of OLIO for your business

  1. Acquire new customers who will discover your business via the app. This is especially true for businesses who host an OLIO Drop Box.
  2. Make money from items that would have remained unsold and from spontaneous purchases when an OLIO user comes to collect
  3. Save money by reducing your food waste disposal costs
  4. Connect with your community

Tips & Guidelines for using OLIO

  1. Aim to post at least one item per day, to get in the habit and build exposure on the app
  2. Provide a name if the person collecting should ask for a particular member of staff
  3. Consider offering items for free as a marketing strategy
  4. Any item for sale must be a minimum 50% discount from retail price
  5. Be bold and experiment with different offerings and pricing
  6. Customize your profile by adding a picture of your logo and a description of your services

Examples of items added from business:

  • Croissants from Lara’s Caffeteria, Finsbury Park
  • Mixed deli salads from Ginger & Mint, Crouch End
  • Sour dough and seeded baguettes from Harringay Local Store, Harringay
  • Maldon Rock oysters from Fin and Flounder, South Hackney
  • Rocks Summer Fruit Cordial from Organic and Natural, Lower Clapton

We encourage businesses to add to OLIO any food which is still good enough to eat, yet remains unsold.

How to get started?

  1. Download our free app on iTunes or Google Play
  2. Create an account in under one minute
  3. Add your unsold food and start OLIOing 🙂

If you’d like to speak with a member of the OLIO team please call our Co-Founder Saasha on 07912 096 938.

Meet some shops and cafes on OLIO

[wt_team_slider images=”2429,2430,2433″ team_member_name=”Josh,Bobo,Amabel” team_member_job=”Hirsinger & Strauss in Homerton,Cafe Delicia in Muswell Hill,Haelan Centre in Crouch End” team_member_socials=”” owl_speed=”600″ owl_pagspeed=”1000″ owl_autoplay=”true” owl_stoponhover=”true” owl_navigation=”true” owl_items=”2″ owl_itemsdesktop=”2″ owl_itemssmalldesktop=”2″ owl_itemstablet=”2″ owl_itemsmobile=”1″ owl_itemsmobilesmall=”1″ img_size=”200×200″]Olio is fantastic because it means wasted goods leftover at the end of the day can go to someone who will eat them instead of a bin or landfill. OLIO makes our jobs easier and connects us with a community we want to meet.

I can’t believe something like this hasn’t existed before. I added croissants and someone picked them up straight away and bought a coffee while they were here!

We absolutely love it…Not only did we give away and sell items that would have otherwise gone to waste, but we also had new people come to the store who had never been here before.[/wt_team_slider]