4 volunteer roles

Over 30,000 people have reached out to OLIO to ask how they can volunteer to build a food sharing network in their community. This is amazing! Volunteering is a rewarding and tangible way to reduce food waste and strengthen ties in your community. Explore our volunteer roles below, and email volunteer@olioex.com with any questions. Thank you!

Help grow OLIO in your neighbourhood. It can be as easy as delivering flyers.

Commitment: flexible, from 1 hour per week

Pick up unsold/surplus food from your local shop or cafe and redistribute it on OLIO.

Commitment: flexible, from 2 hours per week

Take on more responsibility and, with our help, grow OLIO in your town or city.

Commitment: flexible, from 10 hours per week

Take complete ownership for building a thriving OLIO food sharing community in your geographic area.

Commitment: 30 hours minimum per week