City Champions

Become a City Champion

Do you love food, hate waste, enjoy a challenge and possess a strong can-do attitude? Do you feel passionately that you want to see an OLIO food sharing network thrive in your town or city?

What do City Champions do?

Our City Champions programme helps to grow OLIO in cities in the UK and around the world. The City Champion role is for those volunteers with the time, energy and passion to devote to making a significant step change in the adoption of OLIO in their area.

As a City Champion you would be closely supported by OLIO’s Head of Community and your main objective would be to launch and embed OLIO in your town or city over a 4-6 month period. Your role would be to raise awareness, drive sign-ups, generate local press, recruit local Ambassadors and establish Food Waste Heroes in your area. We require a minimum time commitment of 10 hours per week.

This is an exciting opportunity to join OLIO at a unique stage in our journey and we would love to see the right people volunteer to contribute significantly to the community building, management and growth of OLIO in their area.

Why become a City Champion?

People become a City Champions because they have an entrepreneurial spirit and are a self-starter. It is an amazing opportunity for people who are looking for a meaningful volunteering experience with a technology start up with a strong social mission and the potential to change the world.

How to become a City Champion?

To apply as a City Champion please send an email to explaining why you believe in OLIO and what ideas you have for building a thriving OLIO food sharing network in and around your town or city.

If selected as a City Champion, we will also invite you to join our private OLIO Volunteer Facebook Group which is an exciting place where all our Volunteers come together to share inspiring stories, ask questions and to connect with people in their local area.

Volunteering as a City Champion in Bristol is very rewarding as well as challenging.

- Julie