Market Maker

Become a Market Maker

An OLIO Market Maker is someone who takes complete ownership for building a thriving OLIO food sharing community in their geographic area. A minimum commitment of 30 hours per week is required, and our Market Makers work very closely with the OLIO London team over 9-12 months in order to achieve jointly defined objectives.

This is an amazing opportunity for individuals who are exceptionally passionate about preventing food waste and who are looking for a new challenge in life. It is also very rewarding and OLIO Market Makers are often formally recognised (awards, press) for their exceptional contributions to the environment and community.

Elis, OLIO's Market Maker in Jersey, UK

What does being a Market Maker entail?

  • Recruiting OLIO volunteers to help spread the word and rescue food surplus
  • Speaking with food retailers to arrange for the donation of their food surplus to OLIO volunteers
  • Driving OLIO sign ups and usage through collaboration with local community groups and businesses, and translating OLIO marketing materials where required
  • Securing local corporate sponsorship and/or grant match funding in order to finance a salary for yourself
  • Being the public face of OLIO and representing OLIO to the media and local government

What support does OLIO provide to Market Makers?

  • Weekly calls to discuss progress, challenges, and plans
  • A detailed playbook of best practices for rolling out OLIO in international markets
  • Physical and digital marketing collateral
  • Localised customer outreach and social media strategies and execution
  • Monthly stipend available for Market Makers who achieve jointly defined performance targets
  • Assistance in the application for local corporate sponsorship and/or grant match funding

The Market Maker role is a 30-hour minimum commitment per week, for 9-12 months. Interested parties should email and include their name, location, and a brief proposal for launching OLIO in their market, including information on what makes them uniquely suited to become an OLIO Market Maker (max 500 words).

OLIO has made my dream of making a difference in the world come true.

- Elis