Squad Starter

Learn how to sign up a local food business to OLIO

OLIO is keen to help businesses reduce their food waste through our Food Waste Hero programme. This involves connecting businesses with Food Waste Heroes (FWHs) to collect and redistribute the surplus food at the end of the day.

OLIO HQ regularly talks to large organisations to convice them to give their surplus food away, but there are thousands of smaller businesses we haven’t spoken to yet. This is where you come in as a ‘Squad Starter’.


Squad Starters

  • Bring smaller sized businesses onboard the OLIO Food Waste Hero programme (think small food chains, your local bakery or greengrocer, or the coffee shop around the corner)
  • Help the team of Food Waste Heroes (the FWH squad) to get organised as a Squad Captain, or hand over this responsibility to another FWH



  • Provide a robust online training to ensure that Squad Starters and FWHs operate within UK law
  • Recruit the FWHs who help do the collections once the Squad Starter has signed up the business
  • Support the Squad Starter along the process


OLIO’s vision is to have thousands of Squad Starters who bring their local businesses on board, helping them to reduce their food waste.


Here’s how it works:

If you have any questions, please email volunteer@olioex.com

It's amazing to sign up businesses with the support of OLIO! I've made many new friends
and met all kinds of people, from local stores, fellow volunteers, to people in my

- Sarah