Attention students. Give it away before you go away this Christmas

Attention students. Give it away before you go away this Christmas

No good food should be left home alone this Christmas, so before the student exodus takes place and you dash to spend time with your family and friends, we need you to share your spare, by giving it away before you go away.

If you’re not aware already, OLIO is a free app that allows you to share your unwanted food with your neighbours, rather than leaving it to rot. It’s super simple to do, connects you to your community and helps the environment too.

It could be all manner of things: tins of tomatoes, opened bags of pasta, bread, books, stationery (you can share non-food items too) – whatever it may be, we want those items to be shared and enjoyed with the local community, rather than neglected or left to rot.

Clear out your cupboards, free-up your fridge and give new life to the food that would otherwise be wasted, with a simple click of a button. Who knows, someone might appreciate your spare tin of beans or half-consumed cucumber.

If you want to support our campaign, please share our one-click to share social media posts and if you’re keen to spread the word with your student community and want to join our OLIO Student Army, don’t hesitate to email me at

Give it away before you go away, today!

Download OLIO for free on iTunes and Google Play