6 tips to having a greener Easter

6 tips to having a greener Easter

Easter has hatched, and you would have probably noticed its presence early, what with the premature sprouting of daffodils and those Easter eggs lining the supermarket shelves since January. Over the bank holiday weekend, many of us will be celebrating with our families and friends, tucking into tender spring lamb and hot cross buns, yet there can be occasions when our seasonal feast yields some leftovers. Here are some top tips on how to reduce your waste and have a greener Easter.

1. Egg-cessive waste

OLIO Easter waste

Every year, more than 80 million boxed chocolate eggs are sold in the UK alone, which amounts to £250m in sales. Yet with all the eggs that fly off the shelf, there is also the damaging burden of waste from the excessive packaging that surrounds them – 8,000 tonnes to be exact. Things have improved with the wave of consumer pressure and WRAP’s campaign to reduce Easter egg packaging, but there is still a considerable amount of waste to be had. Why not make your own and invest in an Easter egg mould or if that’s too much hassle, choose eggs that have minimal packaging – some shops sell eggs that only contain foil packaging.

2. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

OLIO - easter eggs

Oscar Wilde once said, “An egg is always an adventure; the next one may be different”, which is a sentiment you should apply to your chocolate Easter eggs. Rather than mindlessly shoving them into your gob, use them in new, original ways. Why not break them up and use in cookies, muffins, brownies or cupcakes? Melt down your eggs and whip up a gooey chocolate pot or use the melted chocolate to drizzle over cakes.

3. Bun in the oven

OLIO - muffins

There’s plenty of life left in those stale hot cross buns. Like bread, hot cross buns can be revived and reused to make delectable puddings. Why not make a seasonal spin on bread and butter pudding, and make – you guessed it – hot cross bun and butter pudding. You could also knock up the breakfast treat of French toast, or ‘eggy buns’, or you could simply blitz them up and make breadcrumbs if they are that far gone. Whatever you do, don’t throw them away!

4. The Lamb Shank Redemption

OLIO - leftovers

A seasonal, slow-cooked spring lamb will be gracing the plates of many of our households this Easter Sunday. But what should ewe (sorry) do with the leftovers? Shredded lamb makes the perfect addition to burritos, stir fries and salads. Failing that, why not inject some spice into your luscious leftover lamb and serve with houmous and flatbreads for a Middle Eastern Bank Holiday dish.

5. If you’re going away…

OLIO - going away?

Make sure you have a quick rummage in your cupboards and fridge before you go away for the four-day bank holiday. If you’ve got any food that won’t make it till you get back, why not share it on OLIO and give it a new lease of life. Better that, than coming back to a house of mouldy horrors.

6. A swift eggs-it

OLIO - Easter waste

Children in the UK receive an average of 8.8 Easter eggs every year – double their recommended calorie intake for a whole week. If you’d rather your child not become prematurely obese from excessive egg consumption, why not share some of their confectionary haul on OLIO.


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