OLIO Food Waste Heroes team up with Servest Food Co.

OLIO Food Waste Heroes team up with Servest Food Co.

Our Food Waste Heroes programme has been going from strength to strength since its inception back in June 2016. We’ve had over 212 volunteers sign up to become FWH’s and 65 businesses have come on board to share their surplus with the OLIO community.

Over 65,306 items of food have been saved by our Food Waste Heroes, equating to 29,025 meals worth £23,249!

We are always looking to partner with ethical businesses up-and-down the country, to grow our food saving mission and we’re thrilled to announce a new, flourishing partnership between ourselves and Servest Food Co.

The consciously-minded catering company, Servest Food Co. approached us back in February as they were keen to confront the contention of food waste that has been on their radar for some time.

Servest already recycled their oil and had systems in place to reduce wastage, but they wanted to take their food waste fight to the next level, ensuring that as much food as possible could be saved from the bins and redistributed to bellies in the local community. Here’s where OLIO comes in.

As Servest approach their roster of clients across a vast range of industry sectors; from corporate office complexes, public sector clients and retail partners, to ask if they want to get involved with our mission and donate food, we seek and train a team of budding Food Waste Heroes. Once all our preparation is complete, the magic happens and food collections can commence.

Since collaborating with Servest, over 1,525 items of food have been saved and redistributed, equating to 678 meals.

Here’s just some of the food that has been saved by our Cambridge Food Waste Heroes, courtesy of Servest….

1) Salads

2) Dessert pots

3) Cous cous salad

4) Pesto pasta

5) Malaysian rice

If you’d like to follow in the footsteps of Servest Food Co. and partner with us, drop us an email at volunteer@olioex.com and join our waste-busting coalition. 

For more info on Servest Food Co. check out their website and follow them on Twitter.