OLIO Stories: Taras from Stockholm

Sharing food feels amazing! Sometimes it's the best thing I have done all day, and it only takes a few minutes.

Welcome back to OLIO Stories, a series where we get to know people who share food on the app

Meet Taras from Stockholm. He has been picking up, saving and sharing food for just over a year, and he’s keen to get even more people using the app in Sweden.

Hello Taras! It’s great to see OLIO grow all the way in Sweden! How long have you been using OLIO and how did you find out about it?

I’ve been using OLIO for a year and a half, and I came across it while searching for food sharing platforms in Stockholm. Before moving to Sweden, I lived in Germany for two years, where I was heavily involved with their food sharing website foodsharing.de. Reducing food waste had always been a passion of mine, and I wanted to continue this in Stockholm. OLIO was the only functioning platform in the city so I got involved!

How would you describe your OLIO journey so far?

It’s been an evolving journey! OLIO in Stockholm is still relatively small and it needs a little push to make it grow and gain more traction. My principle in life is “if you want to do something well – do it yourself”, so I have thrown myself behind the cause. My first experience was picking up food, but now I am sharing too. I was happy to be able to contribute to reducing food waste. It felt great!

Is food waste a big problem in Stockholm?

Absolutely! Supermarkets, shops, cafes and restaurants are wasting massive amounts of food every day. Locals are also throwing away a lot of food. There are many students, refugees, and poor people, who would be happy to receive this surplus food. I want the OLIO food sharing community to grow and grow in Stockholm, so we can address these issues of waste and hunger.

Can you imagine this food was going to be thrown away? Thanks to Taras, every item found a new home🍌🥐
Can you imagine this food was going to be thrown away? Thanks to Taras, every item found a new home🍌🥐

How does it feel to save and share things that would otherwise go to waste?

It feels amazing! The act of sharing food to OLIO only takes a few minutes, but sometimes it can be the best thing that happens in my day! I love meeting different people who come to pick-up my food and the interesting conversations that place on the doorstep.

What surprised you the most about OLIO?     

That some rich people are also coming to pick up the food. But ultimately, it doesn’t matter who comes to save food, as long as it doesn’t go to waste, and that people’s attitudes to consumption and waste are shifted for the better.

What is your most memorable OLIO moment?

My most memorable moment was last year, when we organised an OLIO picnic in the centre of Stockholm. Loads of people came by and heaps of food was shared. It was a great celebration of life and I met some really nice people there. OLIO has helped strangers become friends, all through the exchanging of food.

You perfectly captured what OLIO is about – having fun and saving food. Lastly, if someone has downloaded OLIO but hasn’t used it yet, what would you say to encourage them to use it?    

Using OLIO takes almost no time and effort, but makes a big difference on so many levels. Our actions are going to shape the world, and those actions are so simple. All it takes is a tap of a button. We all want to love in a world where food isn’t wasted and OLIO enables you to do this. Make a difference today, share food, meet your neighbours – you want look back I promise!

Thanks a lot, Taras! It was a pleasure 🙂

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