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All the tools you need

Whether you are a local authority, non-profit, or any other type of organisation, here you’ll find all the tools you need to establish a food sharing network in your area! By spreading the word about OLIO and encouraging local residents to share their spare, together we can strengthen local communities and stop good food from going to landfill.

Getting started

13 ways to promote OLIO


All your questions answered

Contact us

Don’t hesitate to ask for help or advice 🙂

Flyers A6

For handouts, door drops, tenants/student packs

Posters A4

Great for public spaces like libraries, community centres etc.

Social media text posts

Suggested posts to teach your audience about OLIO

Images for social media

Teach your audience about the massive problem of food waste

Blog for councils & local authorities

Editable blog post to share on your website

OLIO events

Spread the word about OLIO through events


Photos of the app, food sharing and the OLIO logo

Press release

Let the local press know about the great things you’re doing

10 Food waste facts

Why reducing food waste is so important


A reminder for the fridge

Printing tips


Where should I print the flyers and/or posters?

We use Instantprint for all our materials. They are very affordable and turnaround is usually 48 hours. (We are not endorsed by them, we just really recommend their services.)

Where can I print the magnets?

We use Badger Design to print our magnets as they are affordable and reliable. It’s around £140 incl Vat for 1000 6cm x 6cm magnets (£0.14/magnet).

I need some tweaks done to the OLIO flyers and posters to include my organisation. Can you help?

Yes! If you don’t work with any designers who can do this then please email with your request.