13 ways to promote OLIO

13 ways to promote and grow food sharing

Let’s get you started! Here are 13 easy and proven ways to grow OLIO.


Promote OLIO on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Use our suggested social media text and image posts.


Add OLIO to your website

User the following text and accompany it with our logo with you can download here. Find the app store links below.

OLIO is a free app connecting people with their neighbours and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away.

iOS: http://apple.co/215l6LQ
Android: http://bit.ly/1U4gm7g


Feature OLIO in your newsletter

Do you have a newsletter? Ask your audience to download OLIO, tell them about your OLIO success stories, or put a call out for volunteers to help spread the word. We’ll help manage the volunteers, so make sure you direct them to this page to register.


Write a blog

Here’s an editable blog you can use, make sure to share it after on Facebook and Twitter!


Create partnerships

Do you work with any like-minded organisations or businesses? Ask your partners to share OLIO with their own audiences. Leverage your professional network to spread the word.


Hand out flyers

Print our flyers and ask staff/volunteers to hand them out at events or make door drops. Include in welcome/employee packs.


Put up posters

Print our posters and ask staff/volunteers to post them in public places including libraries, community centres, schools etc.


Hold a food sharing event

Here are some tried and tested events you can organise that can help bring the community together!


Encourage local businesses to get involved

Tap into local business networks and ask them to display OLIO flyers or to become part of our Food Waste Hero programme where our volunteers will pick up surplus food at the end of the day to distribute on the app.

Here’s an overview to provide to businesses explaining why they should work with OLIO and why they should become zero food waste.


Send out a press release

Get in touch with local press and shout about all the good work you’re doing with OLIO to stop food waste and bring neighbours together. Here’s an editable press release you can use and here’s an example of a press release from South Derbyshire.


Ask us to send a newsletter to users in your area

We have over 850,000 users and we’re sure they’d love to hear about new food sharing initiatives in their areas, so please get in touch and let us know what you are up to.


Distribute OLIO fridge magnets

Printing and distributing OLIO magnets is a great way to remind people to check for surplus food in their kitchens.


Rinse and repeat

Growing a food sharing network doesn’t happen over night (unfortunately!) so make sure to repeat the suggestions above over and over again and shout about new partnerships, volunteer successes, milestones hit etc.