OLIO events

Suggested OLIO events

If you want to help spread the word about OLIO, here are some events you can organise that can help bring the community together!


Coffee morning

Book a local place, cafe or community centre to meet with local users, babies welcome. Ice breaker questions and easy introductions work well.


Afternoon tea

Similar to a coffee morning but if you’re feeling more adventurous, you might like to challenge people to bring a desert or some biscuits for the table. This is a nice way of introducing the sharing element. It’s a good idea to have a few silly ice breaker games, to loosen everyone up!


Summer picnic / BBQ

One of my favourites, everyone meets at the park for an informal graze on the grass! This also lends well to the bring and share idea… everyone comes with a picnic dish to share. Depending on the park restrictions you could even arrive with a portable BBQ. Games might be nice with this event and help bond people together.


Potluck lunch or dinner

Perhaps you have a venue in mind that you can access easily and you are a more experienced host. How about inviting people over for a potluck dinner, on a summers evening it could be in a garden.


Food waste talk or film screening

This works well in schools and universities, societies, places or work etc and brings a lot of people together to engage in absorbing information!


Evening get together at the local pub

This one is pretty simple, reserve an area at your local pub and get folk along for a social drink, ice breaker introductions and a few silly questions work well here, as does the lubrication of a nice glass of wine! Who knows what ideas and connections will flow.


Family games

Weekend afternoon gather families and energetic people together to engage in a game of rounders with a break afters, everyone brings snacks and drinks, good for ice breaking and team bonding.