OLIO marketing tools FAQS


If you’re trying to grow OLIO in your area, here are the FAQs from other users doing the same thing which you might find helpful.


Where should I print the flyers and/or posters?

We use Instantprint for all are materials. They are very affordable and turnaround is usually 48 hours. (We are not affiliated with them, we just really recommend their services.)

Where can I print the magnets?

We use Badger Design to print our magnets as they are affordable and reliable. It’s around £140 incl Vat for 1000 6cm x 6cm magnets (£0.14/magnet).

I need some tweaks done to the OLIO flyers and posters to include my organisation. Can you help?

Yes! If you don’t work with any designers who can do this then please email viv@olioex.com with your request.


I want to promote OLIO and I don’t know where to begin. What do you suggest?

As you can imagine, we’ve tried and testing everything. We recommend starting out with the quick wins which include

  • Adding OLIO to your website

  • Sending out a newsletter to your users introducing OLIO

  • Posting about OLIO on social media

  • Writing a blog and sharing it with your users and your business contacts

  • Sending out a local press release

The next step would to hand out flyers and put up posters. That really helps to the get the word out.

I would like a bespoke flyer/poster made. Would you be able to help with this?

Yes! We can help modify the flyers and posters to add your logo on it, your location etc. Please email us with your requirements.

We don’t have a budget but, we would like to distribute OLIO flyers and posters. Could you send me some for free?

Yes! As long as you can guarantee flyers and posters will be used we’re happy to pay and send you some. Please email us with your requested quantities.

Can I add food items that have already been opened?

Yes! Here are some examples

Brunch leftovers
Half a not yet ripe avocado
3/4 Madagascan Vanilla cheesecake

How can we get more listings on the app?

Tap into local business networks and ask them to display OLIO flyers or to become part of our Food Waste Hero programme where our volunteers will pick up surplus food at the end of the day to distribute on the app.

We have partnered with a business who would like to use OLIO for their surplus and unsold food. Can you help organise a group of volunteers to pick up this food at the end of the day from the shop and add it to OLIO?

Yes! Please contact us once you have partnered with any food businesses and we can help form a group of Food Waste Hero volunteers in your area.

There are listings on the app which aren’t being requested. Is there anything I can do?

Sharing the listings on local Facebook groups is a great way to get new users on the app and to get listings requested. Also try posting Twitter whilst tagging in local influencers, groups, and organisations.

We want to know analytics about the number of users and listings in our area. Can you get these for me?

Of course! To start we can set you up with access to our Volunteer Hub where you can instantly access stats for you area as seen below. Please email us for access and also if you would like any other stats.