Why we decided to remove prices from OLIO

Why we decided to remove prices from OLIO

No more prices on OLIO!

It is with *great* excitement that we’re writing to share an important decision that we’ve taken – which is to remove all pricing from the OLIO app, effective immediately .

When we first launched OLIO it was for food sharing only, and so we allowed people to add a price if they wished. We figured if adding a price encouraged people to share food rather than let it go to waste, then we were all for it! The reality is that less than 5% of food listings have been priced, and instead OLIOers have been exceptionally generous, sharing over 135,000 items of food for free since January!

However, since we launched the non-food section (you can read more about why we did that here) we’ve seen a far greater number of priced items, often at unrealistically high prices. As a result, these listings have made OLIO lose a little bit of its special community feel, and OLIOers have been very vocal in letting us know they are disappointed with this part of the user experience. ☹

Having conducted multiple surveys and spent hundreds of hours speaking with our users, what is very clear is that we all believe in building hyper-local sharing communities based on the principles of reciprocity and waste reduction, and not on commercialisation. Plus, on a very practical level, there are plenty of alternative apps and websites for selling.

As a result, from today onwards, every item on OLIO will be available either for free or for a donation to charity! We recognise that the current offline donation to charity process is far from ideal (!) and in the coming months we will integrate donations seamlessly into the app. We’re partnering with a small number of charities addressing food poverty and sustainability, and in time we’ll enable OLIOers to add their own charities, so that you can all fundraise on the OLIO platform, if you wish.

We’re confident that this decision will make sharing on OLIO more enjoyable for all of us (yay!).

So, if you haven’t visited the app in a while, please do come back and check it out! We’ve now had over 100,000 people join The Food Sharing Revolution so you’ll be in great company ☺. And, if you are curious how many other OLIOers live near you, check out ‘Users Near Me’ in the new ‘My OLIO’ section of the app.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. And, as always, please feel free to email us and let us know your thoughts.

Saasha & Tessa
Co-Founders of OLIO


P.S. Please update your app on the App Store or Google Play to make sure you have access to OLIO’s new exciting features!