5 positive things you can do for World Food Day 2017

world food day

5 positive things you can do for World Food Day 2017

Today marks World Food Day, an annual global movement to create a sustainable food system and end hunger. This year the message is ‘Change the future of migration. Invest in food security and rural development.’ 

To celebrate, here are 5 positive things you can do to be a part of the solution in your community and around the world.

1. Download this app

ShareTheMeal is an app from the World Food Programme that enables people to “share their meals” with children in need. With a quick tap, you can fight hunger and malnutrition, feeding a child (for a day) for as little as 35p.

2. Sign this petition

There are about 55 million people in food poverty in Europe – and the food wasted throughout the continent could feed them 9 times over. The European Parliament is about to vote on whether to halve Europe’s food waste by 2030. Help make this a reality by signing this petition and sharing this thunderclap today.

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3. Shop local

As it’s Sunday, what better way to spend your day than visiting your local farmers market. By doing this you’re supporting local farmers and sustainable agriculture, bypassing large chains, and helping the environment by buying organic, low-food mile produce.

World Food Day - Market

4. Reduce meat consumption

We’re not expecting a dramatic shift to veganism, but reducing our meat consumption and pursuing a more plant-based diet, significantly combats climate change, soil, air and water pollution and other issues related to industrial livestock production. Why not start by giving Meat Free Mondays a go?

5. Share it

Why not participate in an act of neighbourly kindness and share your grub. Whether you’re popping spare items on OLIO, donating to a local food bank or sharing bags of apples from your tree with your neighbours – it feels good to share, reduces waste and tackles hunger in the process.

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  • Olivia Charlton-Nee Little

    Are there any Olio members in hull ,l have some apples to give away .

    • Tessa Cook

      Hi there, yes there are 573 other OLIOers in Hull so if you add your apples to the app, then I’m pretty sure they will be requested 🙂

  • Julie King

    How do I find a local place to donate food? Playa del Rey, CA

    • Tessa Cook

      Hi there, you can just add food to the OLIO app (free to download in the App Store and Google Play) and it will be available for the local community to request from you, and to come and collect!

      • Julie King

        Thanks for replying.
        I was hoping to find out where in my community there is hunger/food insecurity (aside from homeless), to see if I can get involved more directly.

        • Tessa Cook

          I’m afraid the only thing I can suggest is to use Google to find something? Best of luck!

          • Julie King

            Yes, I have, thanks. I can’t believe there’s none locally, but will dig deeper. Thx again.