Zero waste news weekly

Zero waste news weekly

Microbead ban

It was revealed recently that two-thirds of people in the UK think microbeads should be banned. After pressure from environmentalists, the UK government has finally acted, announcing plans to ban the marine-damaging, ocean-polluting microbeads by 2017. Very long overdue we think but hurrah nonetheless!

Wonky veg benefits

Here’s another reason why we should embrace our crooked carrots and curvy courgettes. According to research undertaken by orchardist Eliza Greenman, the bumpy, blemished, or wonky aspects of produce is a sign of survival, and those unconventional features contain more nutrients and antioxidants.



This week marks Zero Waste Week, so why not sign up and make the pledge to send less to the landfill? This year, the campaign is focussed on food waste, so what better time to eat more ugly vegetables (they’re good for you, remember?), ignore best before and share your food with your neighbours via OLIO. Go on, be a zero hero!


Food waste denial

60% of Brits think they waste barely any food – or even none at all. A report from WRAP shows 12% of people think they waste no food at all, and 47% claim to throw away “hardly any”.


These waste-busting brewers…


Catch up with our latest blog all about edible packaging. Are cups you can chew and spoons you can swallow the solution to plastic waste?


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